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1108 Large right-hand soft tissue mass in a 3-month-old girl (AP-0223)
1107 A pediatric patient with persistent fevers, cough, abdominal pain, and postprandial emesis (CP-0223)
1106 A woman in her 50s with right ear pain (AP-0123)
1105 An Elderly Man with Acute Thrombocytopenia Requiring Cardiac Transplantation (CP-1222)
1104 A female in her early 50s presented with a parotid mass (AP-1222)
1103 Extra-mammary Paget Disease of the Penis: A Rare Case Report (AP-1122)
1102 Acute Kidney Injury and Rhabdomyolysis (CP-1122)
1101 A long-standing slowly growing distal thigh mass in an adult female (AP-1022)
1100 A Male with a Suspected Seizure (CP-1022)
1099 A Young Woman with Easy Bruising (CP-0922, Secure Access)
1098 A Male with a Large Left Groin Mass (AP-0922)
1097 A Man in His 60's with a History of Metastatic Lung Adenocarcinoma (AP-0622)
1096 A Woman in Her Late 80s with Anemia (CP-0522)
1095 A Teenage Girl with a Brain Mass (AP-0522)
1094 A Woman in Her 30's with Sinus Infection (AP-0222)
1093A Female in Her 50s with Asymptomatic Renal Mass (AP-0422)
1092A Patient with a Medial Thigh "Lump" Thought to Be a Hematoma (CP-0422)
1091A Man in His Late 30's with Renal Dysfunction, Proteinuria and a History of HIV with Recent COVID-19 Positivity (AP-0322)
1090A Male in His 50s with a Renal Mass (CP-0322)
1089 A Male in His 50s with Urothelial Carcinoma (AP-0322)
1088 A Woman in Her 60's with Episodes of Loss of Consciousness (AP-0322)
1087 A 50-year-old Female with a Left Thigh Mass (AP-0122)
1086 A Man in His 30's with Brain Lesions (AP-1221)
1085 A Young Woman with Abdominal Pain (CP-0222)
1084 A Female in Her 60s with a Kidney Mass (AP-0222)
1083 Isolated elevated Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) Concentrations (CP-0122)
1082 A Man in His 40s with Numerous Bilateral Pulmonary Nodules (AP-0122)
1081 A Man in his Late 60s with Low Appetite and Weight Loss (CP-1221)
1080 Germline GATA2 Mutation in Myelodysplasia-related Acute Myeloid Leukemia (CP-1121)
1079 A Female in Her 70s Presenting with a Breast Mass (AP-1121)
1078 A Man in His Sixties with a Blue-black Dome Shaped Nodule over His Left Cheek (AP-1021)
1077 An Adult Male with Right-sided Weakness and Aphasia (CP-1021)
1076 A Newborn with Severe Hypoglycemia and Hypothermia (CP-0921)
1075 Adult Male with an Unusual Follicular Lymphoma Transformation (CP-0621)
1074 A Post-transplant Elderly Man with Abdominal Pain (CP-0521)
1073 A Female Child with 21q Deletion (CP-0421)
1072 A Young Patient with a History of Intermittent Headaches and Fevers (AP-0421)
1071 A Woman in Her 50's with a Flank Mass (AP-0421)
1070 A Man in His 30s with Hematospermia (AP-0321)
1069 An Adult Male with Restricted Peripheral Vision and Nystagmus (CP-0221)
1068 An Elderly Man with Lung Adenocarcinoma (CP-0221)
1067 A Man in His 50s Who Lost Consciousness (AP-0121)
1066 Kidd Alloimmunization During Pregnancy (CP-0121)
1065 An Elderly Male with a Long-standing Non-healing Ulcer (AP-1220)
1064 An Infant with Failure to Thrive and Developmental Regression (CP-1220)
1063 A Man in His 60s with Proteinuria and Peripheral Edema (AP-1120)
1062 Necrotizing Lymphadenitis in a Young Toddler Boy (CP-1120)
1061 A Patient with Altered Mental Status (CP-1020)
1060 A Female Patient in Her 50's with Shortness of Breath (AP-1020)
1059 A Young Male with Abdominal Pain and a Para-spinal Mass (AP-0920)
1058 A Male in His Early 70s with a Base of Tongue Mass (AP-0520)
1057 9-year-old Boy with "Unusual Left Testicular Tumor" (AP-0420)
1056 A Female with an Anti-Microbial Refractory Fungal Infection (CP-0320)
1055 A Male Undergoing Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Busulfan Dosing (CP-0220)
1054 The KMT2A Partial Tandem Duplication: Recurrent Cryptic Alteration in AML with Normal Karyotype (CP-0120)
1053 A 15-Year-Old Boy with NF Type 1 and an Olfactory Groove Tumor (COM-BP)
1052 An 8-Year-Old Girl with Posterior Fossa Mass (COM-BP)
1051 A Man in His 20s with Proteinuria and Deafness (AP-0120)
1050 A 65-Year-Old Man with Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage (COM-BP)
1049 A 67-Year-Old Man with leg Weakness and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (COM-BP)
1048 A 21-Year Old Male with One-Month Histolry of Vomiting (COM-BP)
1047 A 13-Year Old Girl with Worsening Visual Function (COM-BP)
1046 A 4-Year Old Girl with a Supratentorial Mass (COM-BP)
1045 A 58-Year Old Male with Left Tempo-Parietal Cystic Lesion (COM-BP)
1044 A 70-Year-Old Man with Dystonic and Choreiform Movements (COM-BP)
1043 A 64-Year-Old Male with a Mesiotemporal Mass and Symptomatic Epilepsy (COM-BP)
1042 A Female with Chief Complaints of Fever, Productive Cough, Night Sweats and Weight Loss (CP-1219)
1041 A Woman in Her 60's with an Abnormal Brain MRI an Abnormal Brain MRI (AP-1219)
1040 A Female Infant with Fever and Pancytopenia (CP-1119)
1039 A Woman in Her 70s with a Clear Cell Renal Mass (AP-1119)
1038 An Elderly Male with Respiratory Distress Following Transfusion (CP-1019)
1037 A Woman in Her 50's with a Breast Mass (AP-1019)
1036 A 36-week Dichorionic-Diamniotic Twin Placenta (AP-0919)
1035 Severe acidosis in an adult female (CP-0919)
1034 A 55-Year Old Male with a Right Fronto-Parietal Lesion (COM-BP)
1033 A 63-Year-Old Male with Cauda Equina Syndrome (COM-BP)
1032 A 79-Year Old Woman with Headache and Acromegaly (COM-BP)
1031 A 45-Year Old Man with an Intraventricular Mass (COM-BP)
1030 A 41-Year Old Woman with a Posterior Cranial Fossa Mass (COM-BP)
1029 A 43-Year-Old man with Dural Mass with Bone Destruction (COM-BP)
1028 Adult Male with a Lytic Temporal Bone Lesion (AP-0519)
1027 A 62-Year Old Male with a Spinal Cord Mass (COM-BP)
1026 A 69-Year Old Man with an Intradural, Extramedullary Mass at TH12-L1 (COM-BP)
1025 A 47 Year Old Man with a Recurrent Glioma (COM-BP)
1024 A 77-Year Old Woman with a Right Cerebellar Leason (COM-BP)
1023 Gastric Biopsy from Man in His 40's - Can AI Make the Diagnosis? (AP-0419)
1022 A Young Adult Male with Early Satiety and Leukocytosis of 50 x 109/L (CP-0419)
1021 A Peculiar Mucinous Tumor of the Breast (AP-0319)
1020 A 37 Year Old Woman with Left Sensorimotor Seizure (COM-BP)
1019 A 55-Year-Old Male with 3-Week Headache (COM-BP)
1018 Young Male with Soft Tissue Mass of Ankle (AP-0219)
1017 An 8-Year-Old Girl with Blepharospasm and Left Thalamic Tumor (COM-BP)
1016 A 50-Yea Old Male with a Hypothalamic Mass (COM-BP)
1015 Molecular Testing of a Metastatic Subcutaneous Lesion (CP-0219)
1014 A 25-Year-Old Gentleman with a Posterior Fossa Mass (COM-BP)
1013 A 36-Year-Old Woman with Right Eye Ptosis and Unreactive Mydriasis (COM-BP)
1012 An unusual cause of liver failure leading to liver transplantation (AP-0119)
1011 A 32-Year Old Woman with an Intra- and Paraspinal, Extradural Mass at T1--T12 (COM-BP)
1010A 82-Year Old Man with an Extra-Axial Frontal Mass (COM-BP)
1009 A Female in Her 60's with Diplopia (CP-1218)
1008A Teenager Female with a Neck Mass (AP-1218)
1007 Male Toddler with Developmental Delays and Behavioral Issues (CP-1118)
1006 A 42 Year Old Man with Progressive Worsening Headache (COM-BP)
1005 A 45-Year Old Woman with Rash and Severe Weakeness (COM-BP)
1004A woman in her 50s with a Lung Mass (AP-1118)
1003 An Infratentorial Tumor in a 44-Year-Old Female (COM-BP)
1002 Two Male Infants Each With A Cerebellar Mass (COM-BP)
1001Man with a Testicular Mass (AP-1018)
1000A Male with Recent Traumatic Splenectomy (CP-1018)
999 A Frontal Dural-Based Lesion in a 63-Year Old Male (COM-BP)
998 A 33-year Old Male with Five Years of Neck Pain (COM-BP)
997An elderly Female with Anemia (CP-0918)
996Alström Syndrome in an Adolescent Male and a Review of the Literature (AP-0918)
995 A 39 Year-Old Female with Cerebellar Tumor and Visual Disturbance (COM-BP)
994 An 83 Year-old Man with Fever and Speech Difficulties (COM-BP)
993 A 72-Year Old Female with Multiple Supra- and Infratentorial Dural Masses (COM-BP)
992 A 43 Year Old Woman with Headaches, Unconsciousness and Left Upper-Limb Paralysis (COM-BP)
991 A 41 Year Old Male with Rectal Bleeding (AP-0518)
990 A 66-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Dementia (COM-BP)
989 A 77-Year-Old Man with Parkinsonism and Rapidly Progressive Dementia (COM-BP)
988 A 66 Year-old Woman with Muscle Weakeness and Respiratory Failure (COM-BP)
987 A 3-month-old Boy with Progressive Weakeness (COM-BP)
986 A Bioterror Agent in the Laboratory (CP-0518)
985 Primordial Odontogenic Tumor with Hard Tissue Formation and Epithelial Nests (AP-0418)
984 A 72-Year Old Female with an Intraventricular Mass (COM-BP)
983Unexpected Death of a 9-Year-Old Girl (COM-BP)
982An Elderly Man with an Unusual Peripheral Blood Smear (CP-0418)
981A Middle Aged Male with an Seminal Vesicle Mass (AP-0318)
980A 56-Year-Old Woman with Blindness and Mental Status Changes (COM-BP)
979A 36-Year-Old Man with Headache and Fever (COM-BP)
978A 37-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Right Side Ptosis for One Month (COM-BP)
977A 68-Year Old Woman with Multiple Sclerosis, Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma and Serisures (COM-BP)
976 Undetectable Luteinizing Hormone Levels in a Precocious Puberty Evaluation (CP-0318)
975 Middle Age Female with a Femur Lesion (AP-0218)
974 Thyroid, or Not Thyroid -- That Is the Question (CP-0218)
973A 74-Year-Old Female with a Well Circumscribed Parietal Lobe Mass (COM-BP)
972 A 24-Year-Old Male with a Subgaleal Mass (COM-BP)
971 Molecular Testing of a Thyroid Nodule in an Elderly Woman (CP-0118)
970 A Term Female Nneonate with Two Oral Cavity Masses (AP-0118)
969 A 55-Year-old Male with Intermittent Headache (COM-BP)
968 A 27 Year Old Female with Multicranial Lesions (COM-BP)
967 A Teenage Female with an Ovarian Mass (AP-1217)
966 Monoclonal IgG/kappa in a Woman in Her 80s (CP-1217)
965A 60 Year Old Woman with Multifocal Subcortical Infarcts (COM-BP)
964A 72 Year Old Male with a Slow Growing Pineal Region Tumor (COM-BP)
963A 39 Year Old Male with Headache, Visual Blurring and a Renal Mass (COM-BP)
962A 40 Year Old Female with Dural Based lesions (COM-BP)
961A 44-year-old Female with Familial Mediterranean Fever, Cardiomyopathy and End Stage Renal Disease (COM-BP)
960A 68-year-old Woman with a Left Orbital and Temporal Mass (COM-BP)
959A Post-Menopausal Female with an Ovarian Mass (AP-1117)
958A Male Newborn with Bruising and Petechia (CP-1117)
957A 2-week Old Neonate with Refractory Thrombocytopenia Not Responding to Random Donor Platelets (CP-1017)
956A Preadolescent Female with a Series of Neurological Symptoms (AP-1017)
955A Year-Old Boy with a Parotid Lump (AP-0917)
954A Premature Infant with Persistent Anemia (CP-0917)
953A 39-Year Old Woman with Progressive Vision Impairment (COM-BP)
952An 8-Year Old Girl with a Supratentorial Mass (COM-BP)
951A 31-Year-Old Man with Slowly Progressive Limb Weakness and Respirtory Insufficiency (COM-BP)
950A 62-Year-Old Woman with a History of Muscle Pain and Skin Rash for a Month (COM-BP)
949A 42 Year Old Man with AIDS and Multiple Incomplete Ring Enhancing Lessions (COM-BP)
948 A 42-year Old Male with Diabetes Insipidus (COM-BP)
947A Post-Menopausal Female with an Ovanrian Mass (AP-0617)
946A 54-Year Old Male with Multiple Intra and Extracranial Masses (COM-BP)
945A 57-Year Old Female with Sudden Onset of Transient Right Homonymous Hemianopsia (COM-BP)
944Excessively High Acylcarnitine Values in the New Born Screen of Premature Infant (CP-0517)
943A Woman in Her 60s with a Parotid Mass (AP-0517)
942A 32-year-old Man with Headace, Visual Loss and Infiltrative Lession in Corpus Callosum and Cingulate Gyri (COM-BP)
941A 19-year-old Male with Headaches and a Possible Seizure (COM-BP)
940A Post Transplant Teenager with Liver Lesion (AP-0417)
939A Pediatric Male with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Severe Neutropenia (CP-0417)
938A Post-menopausal Female with Bleeding and Vaginal Bulge (AP-0317)
937A 53-year-old Woman with a Subfascial Mass of the Back that Lasted for Years (COM-BP)
936 An 11 Year Old Boy with Leptomentingeal Tumor (COM-BP)
935A Male Teenager with Complaint of Weakness, Nausea, and Vomiting (Restricted Access, CP-0317)
934A 58-year-old Female with a Colonic Mass (AP-0217)
933A 3-year-old Boy with Asperger's Syndrome (Restricted Access, CP-0217)
932 36 Year Old Man with Nasopharyngeal Tumor (COM-BP)
931 A 61-Year-Old Man with Chronic Expansile Sellar Mass (COM-BP)
930 A 50-Year-Old Man with a Falcine Mass (COM-BP)
929 A 19-Year-Old Male with a Well-Demarcated Parieto-Occipital Mass (COM-BP)
928Genomic Analysis of a Renal Mass in a Toddler (CP-0117)
927Primary Endometrial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors with EWSR Gene Rearrangement (AP-0117)
926 47-year Old Female with a Destructive Sellar Mass (COM-BP)
925A Child with Radiologically Recurrent Thalamic Tumor (COM-BP)
924 A Woman in Her Late 30's with a History of Recurrent Scalp Lesion (CP-1216)
923 A child with Hirschsprung Disease (AP-1216)
922 A Young Boy with Liver Transplantation (CP-1116)
921A 65 Year Old Female with Epidermoid Cyst with Malignant Transformation to Squamous Cell Carcinoma (COM-BP)
920A 49-Year Old Female with Multiple Extra-Axial Tumors (COM-BP)
919A Female in Her 80s with a Renal Mass (AP-1116)
918Extradural Brain Mass in a 64 Old Year Old Man (COM-BP)
917A 33-year-old HIV-positive Male with Spinal Mass (COM-BP)
916A Man in His 50s with Acute Onset Aphasia and Right Sided Weakness (AP-1016)
915 A Young Child with Short Stature, Hypoplastic Thumb and Pancytopenia (CP-1016)
914 A 55 Year Old Woman with Yearlong Headache and Dizziness (COM-BP)
913Complicated Fall in a 78 year Old Lady (COM-BP)
912 An Adolescent Female with Abdominal Fullness and Distension (AP-0916)
911 A Gentleman with a Lump in his Jaw (CP-0916)
910A 49-year-old Man with Progressive Cranial Neuropathies (COM-BP)
909A 71-year-old Man Presenting with Headache, Blurry Vision and Alexia without Agraphia (COM-BP)
908A 37-year-old Pregnant Female with Multifocal Brain Lesions (COM-BP)
907A 36-year-old Man with Parietal Skull Mass (COM-BP)
906 An 11-Year-Old Male with an Internal Extramedullary Spinal Mass (COM-BP)
905 A 60 Year-Old Male with Progressive Back Pain (COM-BP)
904 A 64-Year-old Male with Leg Pain (COM-BP)
903 A Woman with Leg Numbness and Weakenss (COM-BP)
902 A 61-year-old Female with a Mass in the Right Supraclavicular Area
901 A 32-Year-old Man with Intermittent Headaches for Over Two Weeks (COM-BP)
900 A 66-year-old Man with Facial Pain (COM-BP)
899 A 59-year-old Female with a Retrosellar Mass (COM-BP)
898 A 63-year-old Woman with a Right Frontal Lesion (COM-BP)
897 A Female in Her Early 60s with Worsened Joint Pain after Initiation of Immunotherapy (CP-0316)
896 A Woman in her 50s with Severe Pain in Right Lower Quadrant and Vomiting (AP-0216)
895 A 22-year-old Woman with Right Eyelid Swelling (COM-BP)
894 A 74-year-old Woman with Progressive Weakness (COM-BP)
893 A 12-year-old Male with Cerebral Peduncle Atrophy (COM-BP)
892 A 55-year-old Male with a Pituitary Tumor (COM-BP)
891A Male in His 20s with Hematuria, Hypertension, Seizure and Aplastic Anemia (Restricted Access, CP-0116)
890 A 14 Year Old Boy with Left Temporal Mass (COM-BP)
889 A 52 Year Old Man with Myoclonic Jerks (COM-BP)
888 A 34-Year Old Male with an Intracranial Mass (COM-BP)
887 A 30-year Old Male with Head Trauma Three Months Ago (COM-BP)
886A man at 70s Had Episodes of Syncopy (AP-1215)
885 A 49-year Old Male with a Pituitary Tumor (COM-BP)
884 A 30-year Old Female with a Suprasellar Tumor (COM-BP)
883A case of unexplained cerebral sinus thrombosis (CP-1115)
882 A 2 Year Old Girl with Dysmetria and Ataxia (COM-BP)
881 A 74 Year Old Man with a 4.4 cm Jugular Foramen Mass (COM-BP)
880A 53-year-old male with leukocytosis and a neutrophilic left shift (CP-0915)
879 A 59-Year-old Man with Two Cerebellar Lesions and Disturbed Cerebellar Morphology (COM-BP)
878 A 59 Year-old Man with History of Renal Transplantation (COM-BP)
877 A 24-year-old Woman with Recent Onset Backpain (COM-BP)
876 Unusual Spinal Cord Tumor in a 16-month-old Child (COM-BP)
875A 2-year-old girl with a liver mass (AP-0715)
874 A 19-year-old Male with an Intraventricular Tumor (COM-BP)
873 A 55-year-old Man with Acute Ascending Paraparesis (COM-BP)
872A 31 year old male with aggressive behavior and fever (CP-0715)
871A 30-year-old woman with intermittent joint pain in her wrists and ankles (CP-0615)
870 An 11-Year-Old Boy With a Sacral Spinal Mass (COM-BP)
869A 2 Month-Old Male with Hypotonia (COM-BP)
868A man in his early 20s with a mass on the lateral aspect of his right lower leg (AP-0515)
867A woman in her 30s with urticaria, flushing, and cramping abdominal pain (CP-0515)
866A 41-Year-Old Man with Drug-Resistant Complex Partial Seizures (COM-BP)
865 A 40-Year-Old Female with Leptomeningeal Lesions (COM-BP)
864A 76-year old female with nephrotic range proteinuria and urine albumin to protein ratio less than 10% (CP-0415)
863A female in Her 30s with an Enlarging Left Labial Mass (AP-0415)
862 A 33-Year Old Man with Cervical Pain (COM-BP)
861A 67 Year-Old Man with Multiple Sclerosis and New Cerebellar Lesions (COM-BP)
860A 43 Year Old Female with Multifocal Cerebral Leasons (COM-BP)
859 An 11 Year Old Child with a Right Parieto-Occipital Leason (COM-BP)
858A woman in her 70s with a bladder mass (AP-0215)
857A 70 year old male with a mass on the right thigh (AP-0215)
856A 35-year-old Man with lytic skull lesion (COM-BP)
855A 64 year-old woman with longstanding migraine (COM-BP)
854 A man with chronic liver disease and headaches (CP-0115)
853 A woman in her 70s with a double lung transplant (AP-0115)
852An 85-year old male with levodopa-responsive Parkinsonism (COM-BP)
851A 13-year old female with intractable seizures (COM-BP)
850 A 52 year-old male with angiokeratomas, anhydrosis, and acral paresthesias (Restricted Access, CP-1214)
849 A 71 year-old male with a right colonic mass (AP-1214)
848A 59 year old female with cerebellopontine angle hemorrhage (COM-BP)
847A 37-year-old female with intraventricular mass (COM-BP)
846A 24 year-old woman with relapsing brainstem manifestations and multiple focal brian lesions (COM-BP)
845A 44-year old male with right-sided facial numbness (COM-BP)
844A woman in her 50s with a cervical spinal tumor (AP-1114)
843A 30 year old male with a right corneal abrasion (CP-1114)
842A 65-year-old female with an incidental lung mass (AP-1014)
841A 24 year-old female in labor at 38 weeks with a positive HIV screen (CP-1014)
840A 77-year-old woman with a dural-based mass (COM-BP)
839A 48 year old woman with right leg and arm numbness (COM-BP)
838A 75 year-old male with obstructive jaundice and a pancreatic head mass (AP-0914)
837A 69 year-old woman with an epidural mass(COM-BP)
836A 53-year-old woman with progressive headache (COM-BP)
835Acute hydrocephalus and stroke in a 20 year-old man (COM-BP)
834A 70 year old farmer suffering from fatal meningoencephalitis (COM-BP)
833A 4 week-old boy with an abdominal mass (AP-0714)
832A 20-year-old man with hearing loss progressing to tetraparesis (COM-BP)
831A 29-year-old man with difficulty climbing the stairs (COM-BP)
830A 55-year-old man with hemoglobin of 6.5 g/dL (CP-0614)
829A 24-year old female with gradual onset of abdomen pain (AP-0614)
828An 83 year old female with a lower GI bleed and multiple lesions (AP-0514)
827A 67-Year-old Man with a Lumbar Spine Lesion (COM-BP)
826A 31 Year Old Female with a Destructive Clival Mass (COM-BP)
825A 66-year-old female with complaint of weakness (CP-0514)
824A 56 year-old Female with a Serum hCG of 5 mIU/ml (CP-0414)
823A 6 year old female transplant patient presents with fever and rectal bleeding (AP-0414)
822A 63-year Old Woman with Dysphonia, Dysphagia, and Sleep Apnea (COM-BP)
821A 26-year Old Female with a Small Prepontine Lesion (COM-BP)
820A 40-year-old Woman with Intracranial Bleed and Osteomalacia (COM-BP)
819A 64 year old male with a lung nodule (CP-0314)
818Two cases of intraventricular hemorrhage in young patients (COM-BP)
817A 6 year old girl with left parietal lob tumor (COM-BP)
816A 27-year-old male with deteriorating levels of consciousness (AP-0314)
815A 56-Year Old Man with Thalamic and Frontal Masses (COM-BP)
814A 46-Year-Old Woman with a Spinal Cord Mass (COM-BP)
813A 46 year old female with a nodule at the mid esophagus (AP-0214)
812A 54 year old man with progressive vision and hearing loss (COM-BP)
811A 72 year old female with leg weakness (COM-BP)
810A 58-year-old male with hallucinations and atasxia (COM-BP)
809A 21-year-old female with galactorrhea (COM-BP)
808A 58 year old woman with a thyroid nodule (AP-0114)
807A five-day old female with an abnormal newborn screen (CP-0214)
806A 48 year old male with hip pain, confusion, headaches and blurry vision (CP-0114)
805A 22 year old male with chronic cough and weight loss (CP-1213)
804A Neonate with Spontaneous Pneumothorax and Progressive Respiratory Failure (AP-1213)
803A 74 Year-old woman with systemic lupus erythematosus and recent onset ataxia (COM-BP)
802A 49 year-old woman with a pineal mass (COM-BP)
801An eighteen month boy with parental complaints of fussiness and pallor (CP-1113)
800Jaundice in a 60 year Old female (AP-1113)
799A 66 year old female with excessive fatigue (CP-1013)
798A 34 year-old man with bitemporal hemianopsia (COM-BP)
797A 29-year-old man with progressive short term memory loss (COM-BP)
796A 79-year old man with Parkinsonism and acute spinal cord compression (COM-BP)
795A 42 year-old male with a new onset generalized seizure (COM-BP)
794A 34 year-old man with abdominal pain and dysuria (AP-1013)
793A 69-year-old woman with a groin mass (AP-0913)
792 A 55-year-old male presents to the ED (CP-0913)
791A 78 year old male with dysphagia and dysarthria (COM-BP)
790A 25 year-old woman with two spinal cord lesions (COM-BP)
789A 73 year-old man with a mass at the foramen magnum (COM-BP)
788A 39-year-old man with central diabetes insipidus (COM-BP)
787A 7-month-old male with a 4.5 cm deep left inner thigh lesion (AP-0713)
786An 82 year old female with thrombocytopenia (CP-0713)
785A 78-year-old male patient with a right occipital lesion (COM-BP)
784A 30 year old male with head aches (COM-BP)
783A 63-year-old woman with a thyroid nodule (CP-0613)
782A two-year-old male with left undescended testis (AP-0613)
781A 59-year-old woman with a retroauricular tumor (COM-BP)
780Progressive headache, fatigue, and vomiting in an 8-year-old boy(COM-BP)
779A 66 year old male with back pain and hemoptysis (CP-0513)
778A 57 year old postmenopausal woman with spotting and underwent a routine Papanicolaou test (AP-0513)
777A 57 year-old female with an actively growing right neck mass (AP-0413)
776A 21-year-old female with a bladder mass (CP-0413)
775A 68-year old man with a cerebellopontine angle tumor (COM-BP)
774A 29 year old woman with acute mental status changes (COM-BP)
773A 29 year old man with new oneset seizures (COM-BP)
772An 8 year-old girl with headaches and mild gait disturbance (COM-BP)
771A 49 year old female with nausea and vomiting (CP-0313)
770A 52-year-old male with a 3 week history of abdominal pain (AP-0313)
769A 50-year-old man with back pain and a sellar mass (COM-BP)
768A 29 year-old male with seizure and syncope (COM-BP)
767A 79 year-old female with abdominal pain and bloody urine after dialysis session (CP-0213)
766An 80 year old man with a palpable groin mass (AP-0213)
765A 24-year-old woman with a mass in the left internal auditory canal (COM-BP)
764A 40-year-old male with an intraventricular tumor (COM-BP)
763A 66-year-old female with a lung mass (AP-0113)
762A 25 year old female with complaints of a severe headache and agitation (CP-0113)
761A 48 year old woman with a cerebellopontine angle mass (COM-BP)
760A 30 year old man with an acute presentation of a cerebellopontine angle lesion (COM-BP)
759A 65 year-old female with a large solid-cystic adnexal mass (AP-1212)
758An 81 year-old woman with complaint of weakness (CP-1212)
757A 63 year old woman with white matter lesions and pachymeningeal inflammation (COM-BP)
756A 47-year-old man with left leg numbness (COM-BP)
755An 11 year old female who collapsed during out-patient clinic visit (AP-1112)
754A 2.5 months old female with neurologic symptoms (CP-1112)
753A 62-year old female with an intranasal mass extending into the lamina cribrosa (COM-BP)
752A 32 year-old male with brainstem lesions (COM-BP)
751A 3 year old male with fatigue and hepatomegaly (CP-1012)
750A 52-year-old female with flank pain, hematuria, and cirrhosis (AP-1012)
749An 18-year-old woman with a dural mass (COM-BP)
748A 22-year-old man with a cerebellar mass (COM-BP)
747A 42 year old woman with a posterior knee mass (AP-0912)
746A 75 year-old man with back pain (CP-0912)
745A 40-year-old woman with a sellar mass (COM-BP)
744A 33-year-old woman with a large sellar tumor (COM-BP)
743A 53 year old male with intermittent fevers, night sweats, and a chronic cough (CP-0812)
742A 13-year-old girl with a history of frequent headaches (AP-0812)
741A 14-year-old girl with multiple tumors (COM-BP)
740A 76-year-old man with a cerebellar lesion (COM-BP)
739Incidental neuropathological findings in a child with cervical meningoradiculocele (COM-BP)
738A 71-year-old woman with PSP-like symptom (COM-BP)
737 A 1-day old male with pallor (AP-0712)
736 Abdominal skin lesion and mass in a newborn (AP-0712)
735 Elevated troponin in a 41 year old male with ST elevations (CP-0612)
734A 44 year old female with a splenic mass (AP-0612)
733A 49-year-old transplant recipient with fever and altered mental status (COM-BP)
732A 3-year-old boy with drug-resistant complex partial seizures (COM-BP)
731A 52-year-old male with visual changes (COM-BP)
730A 70 year-old male with multiple bilateral subcentimeter lung nodules (AP-0512)
729An 11 year-old girl undergoing scoliosis surgery (COM-BP)
728An 81-year-old man with multiple liver masses (AP-0412)
727A 22 year old female with weight gain, fatigue, facial swelling, increased thirst, and increased frequency of urination (CP-0412)
726A 61 year old male with pneumonia and leukocytosis (CP-0312)
725 A 52 year old female with intermittent left facial paresthesia/hyperesthesia and swelling (AP-0312)
724Neurological deterioration despite aggressive treatment in a man with AIDS (COM-BP)
723A 28 year old woman with a pituitary mass (COM-BP)
722A 23-year-old man with a superficial cortical brain tumor (COM-BP)
721A 38-year old woman with a dural based lesion (COM-BP)
720A 55-year-old female with low back pain (COM-BP)
719 Cystic tumor in a 14-month-old male (COM-BP)
718 Genetic Testing in Hirschsprung Disease (CP-0212)
717 An 18 year old male with microscopic hematuria (AP-0212)
716 A 20 year old male with persistent cough (CP-0112)
715 A 61 year old female with a right-sided submandibular gland mass (AP-0112)
714A 45 year old man with a pineal region tumor for over 15 years (COM-BP)
713A 39 year-old man with a cerebellar mass and pancytopenia (COM-BP)
712A 46 year old female with shortness of breath (CP-1211)
711 A 72 year old man with elevated PSA (AP-1211)
710A 2-year-old boy with hemolytic uremic syndrome and pneumocephalus (COM-BP)
709A man with posterior fossa tumors 15 years apart (COM-BP)
708 A 4-month-old boy with new onset seizures (CP-1111)
707 A 53-year old male with a five day history of worsening rash, pain and swelling in his right hand (AP-1111)
706 A 17 weeks fetus with significant shortening of long bones (AP-1011)
705 A 49 year old male with tooth pain (CP-1011)
704 Two patients with red urine (CP-0911)
703 A 70 year old female with eye pain and periorbital swelling (AP-0911, Purged)
702A 71-year-old female with right eye proptosis (COM-BP)
701 A 49 year old male with headache and diplopia (AP-0811)
700 A 55 year-old male with weakness and altered mental status (CP-0811)
699A 28 year old female with fatigue and easy bruising (CP-0811)
698A 55 year-old male with recurrent spontaneous pneumothoraces (AP-0711)
697 A progressive multifocal neurological syndrome in a 42 year old woman (COM-BP)
696 Skull base tumor in a patient affected of phacomatosis pigmentovasclaris (COM-BP)
695An 80-year old male with peripheral blood lymphocytosis (CP-0711)
694A 57-year-old female with endocarditis and brain abscess (CP-0611)
693A 52-year-old man with pancytopenia (CP-0611)
692A 51-year-old woman with chronic fatigue and weakness (AP-0611)
691A 36-year old male with an ear infection (CP-0611)
690 A 32 year old woman with multiple intracranial masses (COM-BP)
689An 86 year-old woman with a sacrococcygeal mass (AP-0511)
688A 57-year-old male with chronic hepatitis C and IL28B CT genotype (CP-0511)
687A newborn with large, thin-walled cysts in the left hemithorax (AP-0411)
686A 46 year old female with inconsistent thyroglobulin concentrations (CP-0411)
685A 2 year-old boy with a posterior fossa tumor (COM-BP)
684An 88-year old woman with long-lasting parkinsonism (COM-BP)
683A 42-year-old male with sudden onset of suprapubic and pelvic discomfort (CP-0311)
682A 69 year old female with a renal mass (AP-0311)
681A 57 year old femake with a cerebellar mass (COM-BP)
680A 16 month old girl with an intravantricular mass (COM-BP)
679A 10 year old girl with a hepatic Epstein-Barr virus-associated smooth muscle tumor (AP-0211)
678A 54-year-old woman with recent onset of pancytopenia of unknown etiology (CP-0211)
677A 61 year old female with a recent venous thrombosis and a wild-type MTHFR 677 genotype (CP-0111)
676 A 73 year old male had an heart transplant (AP-0111)
675A 57 year old man with a systemic disease and an intracerebral hemorrhage (CP-1210)
674A 53 year old man presented with a cyst on his left cheek (AP-1210)
673A 47-year-old man with frontal lobe tumor (COM-BP)
672A 56-year old woman with sphenoid wing tumor (COM-BP)
671A 21 year old male with acute renal failure (AP-1110)
670A 63 year-old male with confusion and fluent aphasia (CP-1110)
669A 62 year old woman with a family history of a neurodegenerative disorder (CP-1010)
668A 6 year-old girl with a large left neck mass (AP-1010)
667A 46-year-old man with a spinal cord mass (COM-BP)
666A 3-year- old girl with altered mental status, gait difficulty, and vomiting (COM-BP)
665A 68 year old white male with bladder outlet obstruction (AP-0910)
664A 30-year old man with a 30-pound weight loss in one month (CP-0910)
663A 17-year-old girl with headache and complex partial seizure (COM-BP)
662Renal insufficiency in a 68 year-old woman (AP-0810)
661A 37 year-old woman with a “mole” on her calf (CP-0810)
660A 54-year-old woman with a lesion compressing the medulla (COM-BP)
659A 35 year-old man with falcine tumor (COM-BP)
658Posterior fossa lesion 45 years after ocular trauma (COM-BP)
657A 25-year-old man with difficulty breathing (AP-0710)
656A 48-year-old female with fever of unknown origin for 3 months (AP-0710)
655A 24-year-old G1 P0 with intrauterine fetal demise at 32 weeks gestational age (AP-0710)
654An 86 year-old female with a history of hematolymphoid neoplasia (CP-0710, Purged)
653A 47 year old Woman with a Thigh Mass (AP-0610)
652A 7 week old male with ambiguous genitalia and history of Hirschprung disease (CP-0610)
651A 67 year old female with a distal pancreatic mass (AP-0510)
650A 67-year old man with high fever, fatigue and weight loss (CP-0510)
649 An 81 year-old male with confusion and weakness (COM-BP)
648 Vaginal culture of a pregnant woman (CP-0410)
647A 30-year old woman with nephrotic syndrome (AP-0410)
646A 24-Year-Old Male with Headaches (COM-BP)
645A young man with influenza (CP-0310)
644Abdominal lymphomatosis (AP-0310)
643A 20 year old woman with a paraspinal mass (COM-BP)
642Metastasis to the Calcaneus (AP-0210)
641Antibodies to dsDNA (CP-0210)
640A 12-year-old boy with multiple brain masses (COM-BP)
639Cystic pancreatic mass in a 61 year old male (AP-0110)
638Recurrent pneumonia and pain crises in a young female patient (CP-0110)
637Neuromyelitis optica of the spinal cord clinically mimicking a neoplasm (COM-BP)
636A 45-year old male with left-sided hemihypesthesia (COM-BP)
635A 61-year-old female with a history of hirsutism (AP-1209, Purged)
634A 7-year-old boy with polyuria, polydipsia, and enuresis (CP-1209)
633A 41-year-old woman with von Hippel-Lindau and a cerebellar lesion (COM-BP)
632A 76-year-old woman with paraplegia (COM-BP)
631Incidental testicular tumor on a 7 month-old baby boy with congenital nephrotic syndrome (AP-1109)
630A fifty-year-old male with muscle weakness and hypokalemia (CP-1109)
629A 25-year-old Woman with a mass in the hippocampus (COM-BP)
628A 61-year-old woman with osteomalacia and a thoracic spine lesion (COM-BP)
627An eight-year-old boy with staring episodes (CP-1009)
626A 79 year-old female with a cauda equina tumor (AP-1009)
625A 61-year-old man with instability of gait and right hand clumsiness (COM-BP)
624A 6-year-old girl with an extra-axial mass in the middle cranial fossa (COM-BP)
623A 33 year old, pregnant female with neutrophilia (AP-0909)
622A 35-year-old male with rectal bleeding (AP-0909)
621A 21 year-old male with severe headaches (CP-0809)
620A 35 year-old HIV positive woman with basal forebrain mass (COM-BP)
619A 7-year-old boy with confusion and incoherent speech (COM-BP)
618A 59-year old female with supraselllar mass (COM-BP)
617A 9 year old girl with progressive weakness (COM-BP)
616A 23 year old male with portal hypertension in the stomach and an erythematous proximal jejunum (AP-0809)
615A 94 year-old man with a bladder mass (AP-0709)
614A 61 year-old female with abdominal pain and leukocytosis (CP-0709, Purged)
613 A 38-year-old female with recurrent miscarriages (CP-0609)
612A 58 year old woman with a corpus callosum nodule at autopsy (COM-BP)
611A 47-year old male with a cerebellopontine angle tumor (COM-BP)
610 A 36-year-old female with microalbuminuria (AP-0609)
609A 22 year old man with impared sensibility over the perineum and left foot (COM-BP)
608A 76 year old man with cognitive and neurological symptoms (COM-BP)
607A 22-year-old girl with status epilepticus and progressive neurological symptoms (COM-BP)
606 A 6 year old girl with hydrocephalus (COM-BP)
605A 76 year-old woman with a left thigh mass (AP-0509)
604A 54 year-old female with fever and chills (CP-0509)
603A 13 year-old girl with short stature (CP-0409)
602A 62 year-old man with an unexplained 60 lb weight loss (AP-0409)
601A 19-year-old male with febrile illness, respiratory failure, and hepatosplenomegaly (CP-0309)
600A 69-year-old man with left hemispheric necrotising mass lesion (COM-BP)
599A female patient with a right leg paresis (COM-BP)
598An 87-year-old male with a pathologic hip fracture (AP-0309)
597A 64-year-old man with multiple cerebral lesions (COM-BP)
596An one year old boy with an interhemispheric frontal mass (COM-BP)
595A 31- year- old man with Balint’s syndrome and visual problems (COM-BP)
594A 5-year-old boy with one month history of intracranial hypertension (COM-BP)
593A 57 year old male with hepatitis C infection, lymphoma and renal disease (CP-0209)
592A female fetus with bilateral multicystic kidneys (AP-0209)
591 A 25 year-old male with high fever (CP-0109)
590 A 42-year-old man with weakness, fatigue and edema of the face and extremities (AP-0109)
589A 15 year old boy with a posterior fossa tumor (COM-BP)
588A 72 year-old man with new seizure while dancing (COM-BP)
587 Urinary bicarbonaturia in a 27 year old male (CP-1208)
586 A 39 year-old female with right forearm lesion (AP-1208)
585Posterior fossa tumor a 2 year-old girl (COM-BP)
584Posterior fossa tumor in a 12 year-old boy (COM-BP)
583 A 77 year-old male with diarrhea (CP-1108)
582 Renal Allograft Biopsy with Diffuse C4d Staining (AP-1108)
581A 33-year-old Chinese woman with a left frontal tumor (COM-BP)
580A 32-year-old man with a fourth ventricular mass (COM-BP)
579 A 16-year-old male with a cerebellar mass (COM-BP)
578 A 28-year-old man with headache, visual and aphasic speech disturbances (COM-BP)
577A 76 year old transplant patient with fever (CP-1008)
576A thirteen year-old female with a unilateral neck mass (AP-1008)
575A patient with fatal respiratory distress immediately after transplant surgery (CP-0908)
574A 68 year old female with acute appendicitis (AP-0908)
573 A 59 year-old man with sellar mass lesion (COM-BP)
572 A 60 year old woman with an extra-axial frontal mass (COM-BP)
571A 21-year old male with history of intravenous drug abuse (CP-0808)
570A 69-year old male with a renal mass (AP-0808)
569A 74-year-old man with anemia (CP-0808)
568A 53-year-old man with abdominal distention (AP-0708)
567 A 42-year-old man with ventilatory failure, progressive weakness and discoid lupus (COM-BP)
566A 51-year-old man with sudden unexpected death (COM-BP)
565A 55-year-old man with asymptomatic paraspinal mass (COM-BP)
564A 50 year old woman with a pigmented tumor of the 4th ventricle (COM-BP)
563A 38- week-gestation neonate with right occipital scalp defect (COM-BP)
562A 50-year-old male treated for Burkitt lymphoma develops diffuse white matter abnormalities (COM-BP)
561 A recurrent cerebellar lesion in a young boy (COM-BP)
560A 59 year old male developed symptoms of pan-hypopituitarism (COM-BP)
559A 77 year-old man with worsening dyspnea (AP-0608)
558Persistent hand arthralgias and swelling in an otherwise healthy 45 y/o male (CP-0608)
557A 19-year-old female with fever, rash and lymphadenopathy for one month (CP-0508)
556A 50-year old Caucasian female with a pituitary mass (CP-0508)
555A 45 year old man with a midline tongue lesion (AP-0508)
554A 61-year-old female with abdominal discomfort and jaundice (CP-0408)
553A 66-year-old male with a history of precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia now presents with an upper lip soft tissue mass (AP-0408)
552A two-year-old girl with a new limp and large supratentorial mass (COM-BP)
551A 44-year-old man with mass in the fourth ventricle (COM-BP)
550 A 53-year-old male found convulsing in a cemetery (CP-0308)
549A 35 year-old woman with a vulvar mass (AP-0308)
548A 39-year old female with a complex renal cyst (AP-0208)
547A 70 year-old man with enlarged pineal gland (COM-BP)
546An 8 year old child with a lesion in the left nucleus lentiformis (COM-BP)
545A 17 year-old girl with Raynaud's phenomenon (CP-0208)
544A young male with sudden onset seizures and a left frontal lobe mass (COM-BP)
543A 67 year-old male with progressive paraparesis (COM-BP)
542A 54 year-old male with one episode of vomiting, cognitive alteration, and left leg weakness (CP-0108)
541A 62 Year-old Male with Flank Pain and Hematuria (AP-0108)
540A 56-year-old male with left-sided weakness (COM-BP)
539A 51 year old woman with double vision (COM-BP)
538A 57-year-old male with a pelvic mass (AP-1207)
537An 11-year-old girl with symptoms of hyperthyroidism (CP-1207)
536A 53 year old male with rapid cognitive decline (COM-BP)
535An 80 year-old male with a ring-enhancing right basal ganglia lesion (COM-BP)
534A 36 year-old kidney transplant recipient with increased creatinine (CP-1107)
533A 41 year man with sharp pain in the right side of his rib cage (AP-1107)
532 Sinusitis in a 20-year-old Male with Aplastic Anemia (CP-1007)
531A 35-year old woman with an intrasellar and suprasellar lesion (COM-BP)
530A 21 month old child with acute spastic parapapresis (COM-BP)
529A 61-year-old man with hyponatremia (COM-BP)
528A 72-year old woman with right frontal extra-axial mass (COM-BP)
527A 23 year-old man with left knee pain (CP-0907)
526An 18-year old woman with abdominal pain (AP-0907)
525A 40-year-old woman with a progressive periventricular white matter lesion (COM-BP)
524A 47-year-old woman with a clival mass (COM-BP)
523A 43 year old man with back pain (AP-0807)
522A 10 year old female with pruritic lacy rash (CP-0807)
521An 18-year-old female with a brain mass (AP-0707)
520An 82-year-old man with moderate thrombocytopenia (CP-0707)
519A 49 year old female with a history of head trauma (COM-BP)
518A 43 year old man with a retro-orbital mass (COM-BP)
517A 55 year-old man with liver failure, delirium and seizures (COM-BP)
516Leg weakness after liver transplant (COM-BP)
515A 62 year-old male with pain in the right clavicular region (CP-0607)
514A 60 year-old woman with elevated creatinine and BUN (AP-0607)
513A 7 year old boy with multiple skin lesions (AP-0607)
512A 17-year-old female with a subcutaneous left thigh mass (AP-0507)
511A 15-year-old girl with a cystic brain tumor (COM-BP)
510A 63 year old man with dementia, ataxia and VI nerve palsy (COM-BP)
509Differentiating Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload from Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (CP-0507)
508A 12-year-old girl with seizures and dementia (COM-BP)
507A 57-year-old man with a dural-based parietal lobe tumor (COM-BP)
506Small colony variant-Staphylococcus aureus (CP-0407)
505A 71 year old male with right flank pain (AP-0407)
504Two young patients with abdominal pain (CP-0307)
503A man in his fifth decade with cerebral lesion 10 years after radiation treatment for a tumor (COM-BP)
502A 65-year-old man with an intradural, lumbosacral mass (COM-BP)
501A 46-year-old woman with constant left upper quadrant pain (AP-0307, Purged)
500A 30-year-old patient with Malignant tumor of the lateral ventricle with spinal metastasis (COM-BP)
499A 35 year old woman with a dural-based mass (COM-BP)
498A 4-year-old girl with fever and pain in the lower extremities (CP-0207)
497A 38-year-old man with a nodular brain mass (AP-0207)
496A 9-year-old girl with recurrent bilateral ovarian masses (CP-0207)
495A 76-year-old woman with history of bladder cancer presented with right frontal lobe mass (COM-BP)
494A 27 year-old female with cranial nerve dysfunction after pregnancy due to a jugular foramen mass (COM-BP)
4935-month-old twins with turricephaly (CP-0107)
492A woman in her 20s with an abdominal mass (AP-0107)
491A 33 year-old woman with Hemiparesis (COM-BP)
490A 3-month-old girl with hypotonia (CP-1206)
489A 20-month-old girl with a left calf mass (AP-12b06)
488 Liver mess in a cirrhotic liver (AP-12a06)
487A 39-year-old man with new onset seizures (COM-BP)
486A 10-year-old male with decreased complement (CP-1106)
485A 65-year-old woman with a breast mass (AP-1106)
484A 37-year-old male with headache (COM-BP)
483An 83-year old male with an enlarging right supraorbital mass (AP-1006)
482An one year-old boy with delayed speech (CP-1006)
481A 63-year-old woman with brain mets and diverticulitis (AP-1006)
480A 42 year old man with a densely vascular spinal mass (COM-BP)
479A 4 year old boy with cardiomyopathy (AP-0906)
478A 7 year old boy with massive splenomegaly (CP-0906)
477A 64-year-old woman with progressive dementia and leukoencephalopathy (COM-BP)
476A 60 year-old woman with breast cancer and a left renal mass (AP-0806)
475A 25 year-old male with fever (CP-0806)
474A man in his mid-70's with a sellar mass (COM-BP)
473An 80-year-old female with neuropsychiatric changes (COM-BP)
472A 57 year old woman with a cerebellar mass (AP-0706)
471A 2-year-old boy with hypotonia and developmental delay (CP-0706)
470A 56-year-old female with anemia and leukocytosis (CP-0606)
469A 74-year-old female with a breast mass (AP-0606)
468Tissue Typing: Evaluation of a kidney transplant from a living-related donor
467A 57-year-old female with a benign tumor in the ethmoid sinus (COM-BP)
466A 69-year-old man presented with a left neck mass (AP-0506)
465A 68 year-old female with an incidental thyroid cyst (AP-0506)
464A 36 year-old man with abdominal pain (CP-0506)
463A 4-year-old girl with mass in the frontotemporal bone (COM-BP)
462A 21-year-old female with a cystic brain lesion (COM-BP)
461A 68-year old woman with a right parotid mass (AP-0406)
460A 74-year-old male with mycosis fungoides now with increased circulating immature mononuclear cells (CP-0406)
459An 80-year-old man with a right paratesticular mass (AP-0306)
45843-year-old male with chronic anemia (CPb-0306)
457A 45 year-old male with increasing fatigue (CPa-0306, Purged)
456A 49-year-old man with neuropsychiatric symptoms followed by progressive cognitive decline (COM-BP)
455A 68-year-old man with upper gastrointestinal bleeding (CP-0206)
454A 65 year old man with an enlarged thyroid (AP-0206)
453Simultaneous hematolymphoid disorders in a 19 year-old female (CP-0106-B)
452A 70 year-old man with extrapyramidal symptoms, dementia and hemosiderosis (COM-BP)
451A 79-year-old male with a lesion in the head of the pancreas (AP-0106)
450A newborn with trisomy 21 and elevated level of C5-hydroxy acylcarnitine (CP-0106-A)
449An elderly man with a plaque-like crusted lesion of his right temple (AP-1205)
448A 19-year-old male with generalized seizures, unconsciousness and a deviation of gaze (COM-BP)
447Transfusion-Refractory Anemia: Immune Or Non-Immune Hemolysis? (CP-1205)
446A 61-year-old woman with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, pancytopenia and abdominal pain (CP-1105)
445A 35-year-old woman with progressive bilateral leg weakness (COM-BP)
444 A 48-year-old woman with a one-year history of back pain (AP-1105)
443A 48 year old male with sudden onset of right sided weakness (COM-BP)
442 A 60-year-old man with a history of headaches (AP-1005)
441A woman in her 80s with bowel obstruction (CP-1005)
440A 43 year old woman with a temporal mass (COM-BP)
439A One-year-old child with Megakaryoblastic Leukemia (CP-0905, Purged)
438A 33 year old male with testicular discomfort (AP-0805)
437A 45- year old male with symptomatic mass in the frontal lobe (COM-BP)
436A 13-year-old boy with neurodegeneration (AP-0805)
435A 10 month-old girl with hypotonia (CP-0805)
434A 28-year-old male with multiple erythematous plaques
433A 21-year-old female with a third ventricular tumor (COM-BP)
432A 37-year-old female with ghost mycobacteria on gram gtain (CP-0705)
431A 30 year-old female with multiple gastric polyps (AP-0705)
430A 62-year old man with chronic pyothorax (COM-BP)
429A 74 year old female with inflamed "seborrheic keratosis" on dorsum of right ankle (AP-0605)
428A 32 year old man with severe pancytopenia (CP-0605)
427A 57-year-old male with persistent leukocytosis (CP-0505)
426A 71 year old male with 4 decades of symptoms referable to both central and peripheral nervous system (COM-BP)
425A 14-year-old boy with congenital hypothyroidism (AP-0505)
424Woman aged 24 years with fourth ventricular mass (COM-BP)
423A 15-year-old male with progressive loss of central vision and macular edema (CP-0405)
422A man in his 20s with a sudden onset of polydipsia and polyuria (AP-0405)
421A 15-year-old female with progressive myelopathy (COM-BP)
420Liver mass in a cirrhotic liver (AP-0305)
419A pregnant woman in early 40s with thrombocytopenia (CP-0305)
418A woman in her 40s with an ovarian mass (AP-0305)
417A lung transplant patient with nausea, vomiting and dehydration (CP-0205)
416A 10-month-old baby-boy with a large pineal tumor (COM-BP)
415 A female in her 20s with a thyroid mass (AP-0205)
414A boy aged 7 years with primitive neuroectodermal tumor (COM-BP)
413A 12 year-old boy presented with substernal chest pain (CP-0105)
412 A caucasian woman in her late 20s with progressive shortness of breath (AP-0105)
411 A male in his 60s with plasma cell neoplasm, favor solitary plasmacytoma of bone (AP-1204)
410 A one year old girl with an aggressive skull tumor (COM-BP)
409A man in his 80s with multiple cutaneous nodules (CP-1204)
408 Intradural mass of the cauda equina in a woman in her early 60's (COM-BP)
407A 49-year-old white woman found dead in her bed (CP-1104)
406 A female in her 30s with a right iliac fossa mass (AP-1104)
405Esophageal perforation with an unusual etiology (CP-1004)
404A 71 year-old man with a left testicular mass (AP-1004)
403A man in his late forties with progressive dementia (COM-BP)
402A 6 year-old girl with headache and stiff neck (COM-BP)
401Anemia and thrombocytopenian in a newborn (CP-0904)
400An infant with pain over the left scrotum (AP-0904)
399A woman in her 40s with left flank pain and symptoms of ureteral obstruction (CP-0804)
398A transplant patient with multiple cutaneous malignancies and related fatal outcome (AP-0804)
397A man in his mid-sixties with intermittent paresthesia of the abdomen and legs (COM-BP)
396A man in his 40s with headaches and dyspnea (COM-BP)
395A middle-aged man with intractable lower back pain (CP-0704)
394A woman in her 60s with an incidental finding in the left ovary (AP-0704)
393A male in his late 60's with recurrent extracerebral tumor (COM-BP)
392A female in her 20s with pharyngitis, odynophagia, dysphagia (CP-0604)
391A male in his 20s with HIV, diarrhea and abdominal pain (AP-0604)
390A man in his 70's who has monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, or does he? (CP-0504)
389A baby girl with a bulging eye (AP-0504)
388Newborn with intracranial mass (COM-BP)
387A woman in her 50s with a cervical intra- and extraspinal mass lesion (COM-BP)
386A female in her 50s with a cystic lesion of the pancreas
385A man in his 50s with fever, headache, and sore throat (CP-0404)
384A man in his 70s with right upper quadrant and left-sided back pain (AP-0404)
383A woman in her 20s with bifrontal headaches (COM-BP)
382A baby boy with failure to thrive and respiratory insufficiency (CP-0304)
381A man in his 40s with a 2-year history of epistaxis (COM-BP)
380A woman in her 60s with hysterectomy (AP-0304, Purged)
379An unusual pelvic mass in a female in her 60s (CP-0204)
378A young woman with an unusual "cyst" (AP-0204)
377A male in his 40s with a pancreatic mass (AP-0204)
376An elderly man with frontal lobe tumor (COM-BP)
375A woman in her 40s with endometriosis and bland glandular inclusions (AP-0104)
374A male in his 30s scheduled for Liver transplant (CP-0104)
373A woman in her 70s with a recurent meningeal mass (COM-BP)
372A male in his 50s with chronic anemia (CP-1203)
371A male in his 30s with a mediastinal mass (AP-1203)
370A male in his 70s with a brain mass (AP-1103)
369A female in her 20s with Refsum's disease (CP-1103)
368Neonatal female with congenital brain tumor (COM-BP)
367A man in his 50s with progressive aphasia and right-sided hemiplegia
366A female in her 40s with repeated episodes of flushing, headache, shortness of breath, tachycardia and hypotension (CP-1003)
365A female in her 70s with pelvic masses (AP-1003)
364A woman in her 50s with sudden onset of diplopia (COM-BP)
363A male in his 80s with left sided neck mass (AP-0903)
362Myelodysplastic syndrome and bone marrow transplant engraftment failure (CP-0903)
361A woman in her 70s with a right frontal lobe mass (COM-BP)
360A woman in her 40s with a 7-year-history of osteomalacia and hypophosphatemia (COM-BP)
359A male teenager with a brain mass (AP-0803)
358A male in his 40s with severely compromised vision (CP-0803)
357A female in her 60s with progressive muscular weakness (COM-BP)
356Adolescents with ovarian masses (AP-0703)
355A female in her 40s with severe transfusion reaction (CP-0703, Purged)
354A male in his 30s with a frontal lobe mass (COM-BP)
353A male in his 20s with multiple "atypical" nevi (AP-0603)
352A teenager girl with severe behavioral problems (CP-0603)
351A woman in her 50s with acute loss of strength in her right upper extremity and slurred speech (COM-BP)
350A diabetic male in his 50s with necrotic pontine lesion (COM-BP)
349A man in his 40s with severe headaches after a fall (CP-0503)
348A man in his 70s with nausea and vomiting (AP-0503)
347A woman in her 40s with microcalcifications on mammogram (AP-0403, Purged)
346A young boy with microcephaly and developmental delay (CP0403)
345A woman in her 40s with a solitary lesion in the liver (COM-BP)
344A 30-year-old female with sinus pressure, headache and gingival hyperplasia (CP0303, Purged)
343Ovarian mass in a 53-year-old woman with endometriosis (AP-add-0303)
342A 27-year-old lady with a history of upper extremity numbness and weakness (AP-0303)
341A 53 year old male with new onset seizures (COM-BP)
340Familial adenomatous polyposis: A molecular diagnostic approach (CP0203)
339A 56 year old female with a pancreatic mass (AP0203)
338A 43 year-old woman with a palpable breast mass (AP-add-0103)
337A 56 year old woman with right frontal tumor of the dura (COM-BP)
336A 38 year-old male with multiple brain masses (CP0103)
335A 15-year-old male with elevated ammonia levels (AP0103)
334A 19-year old male with febrile illness after jet ski accident (COM-BP)
333A 74 year old man with right flank pain (AP-add-1202)
332A 58-year-old male with parasites in his blood (CP1202)
331A 64-year-old female with left nipple discharge and an inverted nipple (AP1202)
330A 72-year-old woman with a pineal gland mass (COM-BP)
329A 38 year-old female with elevated tricyclic antidepressant levels (CP1102)
328 A 57-year-old woman with postmenopausal bleeding (AP-add-1102)
327A 17 year-old female with left upper neck mass (AP1102)
326A 27 year old female with epilepsy (COM-BP)
325A 2-year-old boy with prolonged oral bleeding (CP1002)
324A 27-year-old female with three week progressive headache, nausea and vomiting (AP1002)
323A 24 year old female with a parieto-occipital tumor (COM-BP)
322Rheumatoid arthritis and peripheral leukocytosis (CP0902)
321A nasopharyngeal mass in an 87-year-old woman (AP0902)
320A 21 year-old male with cystic intracerebral tumor (COM-BP)
319Two weeks in Africa (CP0802)
318A 74-year-old man with a right thigh mass (AP0802)
317A 58 year old male with hyperglycosuria and normoglycemia (AP0702)
316 A 39 year-old female with metastasizing tunor (AP-add-0602)
315A 60-year-old male with fever, chills, and shortness of breath (CP0702)
314A 66 year-old female with a one-year history of progressive left proptosis (COM-BP)
313A 57 year-old male with leptomeningeal and liver tumors (COM-BP)
312A 62 year old female with progressive abdominal/pelvic pain (AP-add-0502)
311A 14-year old female with emesis and cyanosis (CP0602)
310A 51 year-old woman with a nasal mass (AP0602)
309A 38 year-old man and 69 year old woman with dural based masses (COM-BP)
308A 73 year old female with an enlarged axillary lymph node (AP0502, Purged)
307A 56-year old male with dog bites (CP0502)
306A 64-year-old woman with abdominal bloating and discomfort (AP-add-0402)
305 A 56 year old female with post transfusion hemolysis (CP0402)
304A 35-year-old healthy man with enlarging right parotid mass (COM-BP)
303A 67 year-old man with progressive shortness of breath (AP0402)
302A 60-year-old woman with a history of marked abdominal distention (AP-add-0302)
301A 28 year old woman with neck and back pain (COM-BP)
300 A 78-year-old male presented with a history of cervical adenopathy (CP0302)
299A 46 year old man with a right lower lobe pulmonary mass (AP0302)
298A 29 year old woman with a skull mass for two months (COM-BP)
297A 35 year-old man with jaundice and weight loss (AP0202)
296A 79-year old male with right neck mass (CP0202)
295 A 59 year-old woman with an intrasellar lesion (COM-BP)
294An 80 year old woman with a left breast mass
293A 55 year old male with drop in hemoglobin following platelet transfusion (CP0102)
292A 30-year-old male with a mass in the right ischial rectal fossa (AP0102)
291 Rapidly progressive motor weakness, starting in pregnancy (COM-BP)
290A 58 year old male with fevers, cutaneous nodules and cerebrovascular accident (AP1201)
289A 40 year old man with a enlarged right axillary lymph node (CP1201)
288 A 67 year old man in coma requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation (COM-BP)
287A 56 year old female with one lymph node metastasis and two oral squamous cell tumors (CP1101)
286A 21 year old male with back pain and wobbly gait (AP1101)
285An 83-year-old with post-operative bleeding (CP1001)
284A 15 year old male with a left testicular mass (AP1001)
283A 40 year old Xhosa male with back pain and leg weakness (COM-BP)
282A 51 year old man with seizures since childhood (COM-BP)
281A 53 year old woman with a parotid gland mass (AP0901)
280Transfusion therapy in a 60-year-old with immunoglobulin deficiency (CP0901)
279A case of T. californiensis conjunctival infestation in human (CP)
278A 75-year-old woman with duodenal submucosal mass and anemia (CP0801)
277A 44 year-old white male with a left flank mass (AP0801)
276Sellar/suprasellar mass in a 59-year-old woman (COM-BP)
275A 16 year old male with a right testicular mass (AP0701)
274A 69 year-old female with bloody urine following transfusion (CP0701)
273 A 58 year old man with a temporal bone mass (COM-BP)
272 A 61 year old female with progressive confusion lethargy and headaches (COM-BP)
271A 58 year old female with chronic myeloid leukemia (CP0601)
270A 15-year-old girl with an ovarian mass (AP0601)
269 A 32 year old female with dural mass encircling cervical spinal cord (COM-BP)
268 A girl in coma (CP0501)
267An 82 year-old woman with right-sided hydronephrosis (AP0501)
266 A 70 year-old woman with gait disorders (COM-BP)
265A 62 year-old woman with back pain (AP0401)
264 A 77-year-old with acute onset of epistaxis (CP0401)
263 A 16 year old female with a cerebellar mass (COM-BP)
262 -A 42-year-old African male with diarrhea and urinary frequency (CP0301)
261A 66 year-old male with a left thyroid mass (AP0301)
260A 74 year old man with a history over 3 months of increasing dyspnea and malaise (COM-BP)
259 A 72 year-old male with lymphocytosis (CP0201, Purged)
258A 71 year old woman with a mass in left breast (AP0201)
257A 37 year-old man with a history of Hodgkin's disease (COM-BP)
256 A 16 year old female with left Inguinal and bilateral breast masses (CP0101)
255A 69-year-old male with a history of colonic adenocarcinoma (AP0101)
254A 6 month old boy with 2 week history of progressive lethargy (COM-BP)
253 A newborn with petechiae (CP1200)
252 A 75-year-old male with abdominal distension, weakness and anemia (AP1200)
251A 13 year old girl with back pain and leg weakness (COM-BP)
250 A 3 year-old female with anemia and thrombocytopenia (CP1100)
249A 59-year-old woman with a nodule in the right breast (AP1100)
248A 4 year old girl with chronic otitis media (CP1000)
247A 47-year-old man with multiple, en plaque, lymphoplasmacyte-rich meningioma (COM-BP)
246A 43-year-old obese female with vague left hip discomfort and low back pain (AP1000)
245A 15 year old girl with parietal lobe lesion (COM-BP)
244A 71 year old woman with an adrenal mass (AP0900)
243A 68 years old white female with worsening anemia, thrombocytopenia, renal insufficiency (CP0900)
242Two patients with putamen and white matter necrosis and hemorrhage (COM-BP)
241A 71 year-old man with acute renal failure (AP0800)
240A 51 year old male with fatigue, easy bruising and cellulitis (CP0800, Purged)
239A 24-year old man with flu-like symptoms (AP0700)
238A 70-year old male with rigidity, decreased ocular movements, and dementia (COM-BP)
237A 30 year old plumber with a flank mass for several months (CP0700)
236A 69-year-old woman with a pancreatic mass
235A 39 year old man with a mediastinal mass
234A 48-year-old man with progressive muscular weakness
233A 40 year old man with chronic sinusitis
232A 68-year-old woman with a history of progressive hearing loss (COM-BP)
231A 41 year old male with swelling and ulceration of the uvula and soft palate (CP0600)
230A 34 year old male with a large right lung mass (AP0600)
229A 35 Year old male with a left temporal lobe mass (COM-BP)
228A 47 year old woman with increased thirst, lethargy and a body weight gain (CP0400)
227A 72 year-old woman with a large anterior abdominal mass (AP0400, Purged)
226A 75 year old female with bilateral pneumonia (CP0300)
225A 43-year-old male with generalized epileptic seizures (COM-BP)
224A stillborn fetus with a placental abnormality
223A 37-year-old female with sudden onset of cardiac arrhythmias following a flu-like illness (AP0300)
222A 5 month old boy with occipital bone mass (COM-BP)
221Dementia with motor dysfunction in a patient with liver disease (COM-BP)
220A 46-year-old HIV-positive man with a destructive palate lesion (CP0100)
219A 67 year old post transplant patient with cutaneous nodules and ulcers (AP0100)
218A 21 year old male with a cystic tumor in his right thigh (CP0100)
217A 55 year old woman with left chest mass (AP0100)
216A 12 year old boy with recent onset seizures (COM-BP)
215A 40-year-old white female with lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate
214A 71 year-old woman with progressive sensori-motor polyneuropathy (COM-BP)
213A 36 years old male with left internal carotid artery thrombosis
212A 48 year old woman with new onset diplopia and mental status changes
211A 39 year-old female with a cavitary lesion in the right upper lung lobe
210A 56 year-old woman with left facial numbness
209A 46 year old woman with solid mass in the right breast (Purged)
208a 70 year old female with seizures and progressive dementia
207A 24 year-old female with progressive lower extremity dystonia, dysarthia, dysphagia and mental impairment
206A 67-year-old male with intermittent confusion, fever of unknown origin, and lower extremity weakness
205A 30 year old female with a painful left index finger
204A 49 year old woman with visual disturbances
203An 84 year old man with bladder outlet obstruction
202A 66 year old man with a subacute multi-system disorder and polyneuropathy
201A 19 month old boy with a renal mass
200Cervical lymphadenopathy in a young female
199A 78 year old man with rectal mass
198A 22 years old female with intraventricular mass
197A 47 year old man with monoclonal protein in his serum
196A 64-year-old woman with a long history of irritable bowel syndrome
195A 16-year-old male with history of low grade astrocytoma
194A 35 year old female with shortness of breath presenting as atypical pneumonia (Purged)
193A 68 year-old female with extremely labored breathing
192An 18 year old man with a testicular mass
191A 44-year-old man with a bleeding intracerebral tumour
190A 16-year-old boy with severe abdominal pain
189A 52 year old woman with gastrointestinal bleeding and a history of rheumatoid arthritis
188An eighty-one year old woman with an axillary mass
187A 62-year-old male with fatigue and malaise
186A 75-year-old male with oligoarthritis and localized swellings
185A 26 year old HIV positive male with dura based masses
184A 54 year old man with severe muscle weakness
183A 68-year-old woman with a history of bilateral back pain and fever
182A 31-year-old female with a right upper quadrant cyst
181A 39 year old man with lung abscess
180Fetus with echogenic mass in third ventricle
179Intraventricaular mass in a 4 year old girl
178Profiles of total CK, CK-MB and troponin I in two cases of acute myocardial infarction
177A 16 year old female with headaches, lethargy and a sellar/suprasellar mass
176A 12 year old girl with pulmonary nodules
175A 72 year old white female with respiratory distress
174A 79 year old white male with pain, swelling and decreased function of left knee
173A 70 year old woman with SLE, paraproteinemia and polyneuropathy
172A 72-year old man with a distal pancreatic mass
171A 39 year old woman with fatigue and weight loss
170A 61 year old man with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and renal failure
169A 61 year-old male with brain tumor and oral, lung, and palpebral masses
168An 82 year old female with right neck mass
167An 83 year old female with bloody vaginal discharge
166A 63 year-old woman with right-sided mass involving kidney and liver
165A 52 year old female with abdominal mass
164A 24 year-old female with transfusion reaction
163A 9 year old girl with small bowel malabsorption
162An 18 year old male with large cystic orbital tumor
161A 28 year old man with dilated cardiomyopathy
160A transplant recipient with fevers and mental status changes
159A 66 year old man with macrocytic anemia (Purged)
158A 49-year-old male with substernal chest pain
157A 45 year old man with headache, ataxia, and impairment of the state of balance
156A 38 year old kidney transplant patient with progressive mental status change
155A 29 year old man with anosmia and decreased vision in the right eye
154A 21 year old man with new-onset seizures and a temporal lobe mass
153A 74 year old man with sepsis
152A 2 year old girl with right upper quadrant mass
151A 2 year old boy with lumbosacral mass
150A 25 year old women with renal failure, anemia and thrombocytopenia
149A 36 year old male with HIV infection and multiple cranial neuritis
148 A 20 year old male with nephrotic syndrome and gross hematuria
147 A 24 year old man with end-stage restrictive lung disease and liver disease
146 A 68 year old man with fevers
145 A 64 year old male with a five-month history of dysphagia
144 A 41 year old female with Cushing's syndrome
143 A 35 year old woman with a history of arthralgia and myalgia
142A 30 year old male with various sensory abnormalities
141A 74-year-old male with a history of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and malignant melanoma (Purged)
140A 54-year old female with a left breast mass
139A 48 year old male with back pain, progressive right leg weakness and bilateral lower leg numbness
138A 76 year old white male with dyspnea and leukocytosis (Purged)
137A 32 year old male with recurrent fevers of unknown origin
136An 11-year-old girl with a firm mass on the left frontal region
135An 82 year old Caucasian female with progressive visual deficits
134A 26 year old white female with a right upper anterior thigh lesion
133A 22 year old male with postoperative abdominal discomfort
132A 43 year old Caucasian male with progressive right lower extremity radicular pain
131A 68 year old man with an anterior mediastinal mass
130A 48 year old woman with chronic myalgias after exercise
129A 36 year old female with multiple myxomas and thyroid cancer
128A 36 year old female with early intrauterine loss of twin B
127A 24-day-old term infant with seizures
126Dura based occipital mass in a forty-One year old female
125A 65 year old woman with renal insufficiency
124A 37 year old man with fever and a hilar pulmonary mass
123A 19 year old male with frontal lobe tumor
122Lash's Bitters: biochemical analysis of a historical proprietary medicine
121A sixty two year old man with a left supraclavicular mass
120A 26 year old woman with new onset siezures
119A neonate with intracranial hemorrhage and seizure activity
118A 67 year old man with a lytic and blastic lesion of left tibia
117A 13 year-old girl with progressive movement disorder
116A fourty-two year old woman with right breast mass
115A 20 year old woman with anemia and abdominal pain
114Diabetic Male with Transient Ischemic Attacks
113A fifty-eight year old female with dizziness and headache
112A fourty two year old man with left facial weakness
111A twenty eight years old female with progressive dyspnea and bilteral pulmonary infiltrates
110A premature baby with late onset oligohydramnios and grossly normal kidneys
109A 42 year old male with oral cysts and numerous skin lesions
108Transfusion reaction in a fifty-eight year old man
107A sixty-seven year old female with skin lesion
106A thirty-one year old woman with seizures, fatigue and attention deficits
105A sixty eight year old female with a large mass in the right kidney
104A 3 1/2 month old child with anemia, neutropenia, and lactic acidosis
103A nineteen year old man with progressive low back pain
102A thirty two year old man with mental status changes and a severe occipital headache
101A sixty seven year old woman with abnormal preoperative RBC type and crossmatch testing
100A thirty-three year old woman with post coital bleeding and vaginal discharge
099A four-year old girl with atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor of the CNS with ring chromosome 22 abnormality
098A thirty-three year old male with a perminent intravascular catheter
097A sixty nine year old male with pigmented lesion on his right ear
096An eight-year old boy with skin rash and proteinuria
095A nine-year old girl presented with nausea, vomiting and hydrocephalus
094A fifty-seven year old female with pelvic mass (Purged)
093A twenty-six year old female with peritonitis
092A seven year old girl with seizures
091A three week old baby girl with loss of body weight, facial and skeletal abnormalies
090A twenty two month old girl with a cervicomedullary mass
089A fifty-nine year old male with lung mass
088A fourty-four year old HIV positive man died following bleeding from mouth and nose
087A twenty-two year old male with acute leukemia, nodular skin lesion, and splenomegaly
086Patients with progressive neurologic disorders
085A premature baby with lethargy and coma
084A seventy-one year old female with neck pain
083A two-month old boy with symptoms and signs of insecticite poisoning
082A two-year old girl with skin lesion on right arm
081A fifty-one year old woman with new rapidly progressive weakness
080A fifty-two year old woman with skin and soft tissue infection of the left foot
079A fourty-four year old woman with new brain lesion
078A sixty eight year old male with renal insufficiency
077A thirty eight year old male with a history of fatigue and edema
076Retroperitoneal masses in a 45 year old man and a 42 year old woman
075A fourty one year old female with complications of pregnancy
074An eleven year old female with frontal lobe mass
073A three-week old infant with hemangioma and severe thrombocytopenia
072A nine 1/2 year old boy with pain in left proximal medial thigh
071A four year old girl with precocious puberty
070Maculopapular rash in a thirty eight year old female
069Complement monitoring in a fourty-five year old female with systemic lupus erythematosis
068A thirty-two year old female with new onset weakness
067A twenty-nine year old female with fever and hemoptysis
066A nine month old infant with hydrocephalus
065A twenty-seven year old man with right adrenal mass
064A sixty year old man with coccygeal mass
063A sixty-five year old male with abdominal pain
062Fever and severe rigors during transfusion in a 55-year-old woman
061A seventy-four year old man with a history of scleroderma and recent rapidly progressive renal insufficiency
060A seventy year old man with peritonitis (Purged)
059A twenty-two year old man with weakness and white matter lesions
058A twenty year old man with chronic refractory pulmonary hypertension
057Severe headache and fever in a 55 year old male status post liver and kidney transplantations
056Sore throat and leukocytosis in a 68 year old female (Purged)
055A sixty-five year old female with a right neck mass
054Complete heart block in a 9 year old boy status post small bowel and kidney transplants
053Fever, purpura and hypotension in a 20 year old male
052Left paravertebral mass in a 20 month old boy
051A seventy-three year old male with acute renal failure
050Left neck mass in 6 year old girl five years post liver transplant
049A neonate with lethargy and hyperammonemia
048A fifty-six year old female with chronic hypertension
047A twenty year old male with confusion, agitation and unresponsiveness
046A fifty-five year old female with hemoptysis
045A fifty-five year old male with anterior cervical neck mass
044A thirty-five year old man with pain in lower thigh
043Intermittent fevers in a 43 year old black male
042A fifty-four year old man with a right cheek mass
041Mesenteric adenopathy in a 57 year old woman, status post kidney transplant in 1983
040A thirty-three year old man with a testicular lesion
039A seventy-three year old Jewish female with anemia of unknown etiology
038Painful left knee mass in a 58 year old male
037A six year old male with worsening lymphadenopathy on amoxicillin
036Gastric mass in a 70 year old male with weight loss
035Renal tumor in a 44 year old male
034A fifty-seven year old female with an anterior mediastinal mass
033A fifty-nine year old female with an enlarged left inguinal lymph node
032A seventy-nine year old male with frontal headache
031A fifty year old woman on Norpace with tachycardia
030A seventy-two year old male with abdominal pain, anorexia and weight loss
029A sixty-nine year old female with hypertension of unknown etiology
028A forty-four year old female with left lower quadrant pain and diarrhea (Purged)
027A twenty year old male restrained passenger involved in an automobile accident
026A forty-two year old man with hip pain
025A fifty-nine year old female with a right atrial mass (Purged)
024An eighty year old female with a neck mass
023A fifty-two year old male with "cholelithiasis"
022A forty-one year old female with liver failure
021A forty-five year old female with acute liver failure
020A thirty-six year old male with renal failure
019A forty-seven year-old female requiring repeat heart transplantation
018A thirty-four year-old liver transplant patient
017A forty-three year-old male with a history of hepatitis C
016Maxillary cyst in a 36 year old male
015Bladder mass in a 57 year old woman
014Right cerebellopontine angle mass in a 64 year old woman
013Disorientation in a 43 year old woman with cirrhosis
012Bladder mass in a 73 year old male
011Brainstem mass in a 2 year old female
010Osteolytic lesion of the tibia in a 12 year old male
009A twenty-five year old female with a liver mass (Purged)
008Neck mass in a 34 year old male
007Spinal mass in a 62 year old man with carcinoid tumor
006A seventeen year old female with nipple discharge and irregular menses
005Brain mass in a 47 year old HIV positive man
004Brain mass in a 62 year old woman
003A sixty-eight year old woman with brain mass in temporal lobe
002Hematuria and azotemia in a 60 year old male with aortic aneurysms
001A fifty year old man with a submandibular mass