International Affiliations

Our department has established several international affiliations based on mutual interests for consultative and clinical support services. These connections operate under the auspices of ICSD (International Services Division) of UPMC.

We maintain a direct telepathology connection with ISMETT, a satellite hospital facility in Palermo, Sicily. ISMETT is managed by UPMC and its main mission is to provide high quality organ transplantation services to the people of the area. Its mission has expanded to other high-end services related to oncology and to regenerative medicine. Our department has established a digital pathology bridge utilized for assistance in complicated cases related to transplant pathology or to other diagnostic needs as they emerge. This experience, dating back to more than ten years has been very instructive and intellectually valuable for department, as it became the basis for building much of our expertise in digital pathology and pathology informatics.

Extending our digital pathology expertise we have established a telepathology consultation service with KingMed, a large private pathology network in the People's Republic of China. The consultation is based on virtual microscopy digital files transmitted bilaterally between KingMed and UPMC Pathology. In addition to its value as a didactic service and as an intellectual endeavor, it also provided us with the opportunity of establishing strong bonds with an eminent group of pathologists in the PRC and by extension with much of the Chinese academic network. Many of our faculty members who have origins in China have acted as intellectual ambassadors to connect the rest of our faculty with the Chinese pathology community.

Our Laboratory Medicine section, working with Citizens Hospital in Hyderabad, India, have taken over the organization of the laboratories of the new Citizens Hospital. By connecting with the India pathology community, they have selected, recruited and hired an excellent anatomic pathology and laboratory medicine team which will work under the guidance of our department to provide sophisticated laboratory services for Citizens Hospital and to set a platform in Hyderabad for providing molecular pathology and telepathology services into the larger diagnostic community of the Indian subcontinent.