Case 648 -- Vaginal Culture of a Pregnant Woman

Contributed by Rebecca Ocque, MD and William Pasculle, MD


A 24 year-old G1P0 woman at 36 weeks and 2 days presents to her obstetrician for a routine perinatal visit with no new complaints. The patient has no significant past surgical or medical history and currently only takes a prenatal vitamin. Her pregnancy has been without incident. She is a nonsmoker, with no history of drug use, and has one sexual partner. She immigrated to the United States from Jamaica 2 years ago. A routine rectal/vaginal culture was taken.

See Following figures for results.

Figure 1: Culture on 5% Sheep Blood agar;
Figure 2: Gram Stain;
Figure 3: CAMP Test;
Figure 4: Lancefield Typing.



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