Brain Pathology Case of the Month - January 2000

Contributed by Wojciech Biernat, M.D.1; Krzysztof Zakrzewski, M.D. 2 and Pawel P. Liberski, M.D. 1
     1Laboratories of Tumor Biology, Medical University, Lodz, Poland, 2Department of Neurosurgery, Mother's Hospital, Lodz, Poland
Published on line in January 2000


A 12-year-old boy complained of headache of one-month duration and a recent onset of right-sided seizures followed by the loss of consciousness. He had complained of fatigue and attention deficits for about two years. Physical examination revealed no neurological abnormalities.


CT scans demonstrated a cystic/solid contrast-enhanced tumor in the left frontal lobe (Fig. 1A and Fig 1B). The solid portion of the tumor measured about 5 cm in diameter, was located subcortically and compressed the left lateral ventricle.

A left frontal craniotomy was performed and the tumor was removed completely. A prophylactic dose of 36 Gy was administered to the tumor bed. The follow-up of 20 months was uneventful.



International Society of Neuropathology