Case 231 -- Swelling and Ulceration of the Uvula and Soft Palate

Contributed by Melissa Halpern, MD
Published on line in May 2000


The patient is a 41 year old Caucasian male with swelling and ulceration of the uvula and soft palate. The lesion did not respond to antibiotic treatment. The lesion was biopsied and slides and a paraffin block were sent for consultation.


Histologic sections of the soft palate and uvula mass biopsies demonstrate fragments of squamous epithelium with underlying soft tissue and minor salivary glands. The epithelium is hyperplastic and focally ulcerated with acute inflammatory cells and granulation tissue (images 1, 2, 3 and 4 ). There is a dense polymorphic lymphoid infiltrate of the lamina propria and surrounding the minor salivary glands (images 5, 6). The lymphoid cells vary from small lymphocytes to larger cells with irregular nuclei and moderately prominent nucleoli (images 7, 8 ). Several tissue fragments demonstrate invasive and destructive lesions of small to medium sized arterioles (images 9, 10 and 11). An additional fragment shows a thrombosed vessel with surrounding coagulative necrosis and inflammation (image 12).




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