Case Index by Patient History - 2019

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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1050 A 65-Year-Old Man with Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage (COM-BP)
1049 A 67-Year-Old Man with leg Weakness and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (COM-BP)
1048 A 21-Year Old Male with One-Month Histolry of Vomiting (COM-BP)
1047 A 13-Year Old Girl with Worsening Visual Function (COM-BP)
1046 A 4-Year Old Girl with a Supratentorial Mass (COM-BP)
1045 A 58-Year Old Male with Left Tempo-Parietal Cystic Lesion (COM-BP)
1044 A 70-Year-Old Man with Dystonic and Choreiform Movements (COM-BP)
1043 A 64-Year-Old Male with a Mesiotemporal Mass and Symptomatic Epilepsy (COM-BP)
1042 A Female with Chief Complaints of Fever, Productive Cough, Night Sweats and Weight Loss (CP-1219)
1041 A Woman in Her 60's with an Abnormal Brain MRI an Abnormal Brain MRI (AP-1219)
1040 A Female Infant with Fever and Pancytopenia (CP-1119)
1039 A Woman in Her 70s with a Clear Cell Renal Mass (AP-1119)
1038 An Elderly Male with Respiratory Distress Following Transfusion (CP-1019)
1037 A Woman in Her 50's with a Breast Mass (AP-1019)
1036 A 36-week Dichorionic-Diamniotic Twin Placenta (AP-0919)
1035 Severe acidosis in an adult female (CP-0919)
1034 A 55-Year Old Male with a Right Fronto-Parietal Lesion (COM-BP)
1033 A 63-Year-Old Male with Cauda Equina Syndrome (COM-BP)
1032 A 79-Year Old Woman with Headache and Acromegaly (COM-BP)
1031 A 45-Year Old Man with an Intraventricular Mass (COM-BP)
1030 A 41-Year Old Woman with a Posterior Cranial Fossa Mass (COM-BP)
1029 A 43-Year-Old man with Dural Mass with Bone Destruction (COM-BP)
1028 Adult Male with a Lytic Temporal Bone Lesion (AP-0519)
1027 A 62-Year Old Male with a Spinal Cord Mass (COM-BP)
1026 A 69-Year Old Man with an Intradural, Extramedullary Mass at TH12-L1 (COM-BP)
1025 A 47 Year Old Man with a Recurrent Glioma (COM-BP)
1024 A 77-Year Old Woman with a Right Cerebellar Leason (COM-BP)
1023 Gastric Biopsy from Man in His 40's - Can AI Make the Diagnosis? (AP-0419)
1022 A Young Adult Male with Early Satiety and Leukocytosis of 50 x 109/L (CP-0419)
1021 A Peculiar Mucinous Tumor of the Breast (AP-0319)
1020 A 37 Year Old Woman with Left Sensorimotor Seizure (COM-BP)
1019 A 55-Year-Old Male with 3-Week Headache (COM-BP)
1018 Young Male with Soft Tissue Mass of Ankle (AP-0219)
1017 An 8-Year-Old Girl with Blepharospasm and Left Thalamic Tumor (COM-BP)
1016 A 50-Yea Old Male with a Hypothalamic Mass (COM-BP)
1015 Molecular Testing of a Metastatic Subcutaneous Lesion (CP-0219)
1014 A 25-Year-Old Gentleman with a Posterior Fossa Mass (COM-BP)
1013 A 36-Year-Old Woman with Right Eye Ptosis and Unreactive Mydriasis (COM-BP)
1012 An unusual cause of liver failure leading to liver transplantation (AP-0119)