Case Index by Patient History - 2020

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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1065 AAn Elderly Male with a Long-standing Non-healing Ulcer (AP-1220)
1064 An Infant with Failure to Thrive and Developmental Regression (CP-1220)
1063 A Man in His 60s with Proteinuria and Peripheral Edema (AP-1120)
1062 Necrotizing Lymphadenitis in a Young Toddler Boy (CP-1120)
1061 A Patient with Altered Mental Status (CP-1020)
1060 A Female Patient in Her 50's with Shortness of Breath (AP-1020)
1059 A Young Male with Abdominal Pain and a Para-spinal Mass (AP-0920)
1058 A Male in His Early 70s with a Base of Tongue Mass (AP-0520)
1057 9-year-old Boy with "Unusual Left Testicular Tumor" (AP-0420)
1056 A Female with an Anti-Microbial Refractory Fungal Infection (CP-0320)
1055 A Male Undergoing Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Busulfan Dosing (CP-0220)
1054 The KMT2A Partial Tandem Duplication: Recurrent Cryptic Alteration in AML with Normal Karyotype (CP-0120)
1053 A 15-Year-Old Boy with NF Type 1 and an Olfactory Groove Tumor (COM-BP)
1052 An 8-Year-Old Girl with Posterior Fossa Mass (COM-BP)
1051 A Man in His 20s with Proteinuria and Deafness (AP-0120)