Case Index by Patient History - 2010

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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675A 57 year old man with a systemic disease and an intracerebral hemorrhage (CP-1210)
674A 53 year old man presented with a cyst on his left cheek (AP-1210)
673A 47-year-old man with frontal lobe tumor (COM-BP)
672A 56-year old woman with sphenoid wing tumor (COM-BP)
671A 21 year old male with acute renal failure (AP-1110)
670A 63 year-old male with confusion and fluent aphasia (CP-1110)
669A 62 year old woman with a family history of a neurodegenerative disorder (CP-1010)
668A 6 year-old girl with a large left neck mass (AP-1010)
667A 46-year-old man with a spinal cord mass (COM-BP)
666A 3-year- old girl with altered mental status, gait difficulty, and vomiting (COM-BP)
665A 68 year old white male with bladder outlet obstruction (AP-0910)
664A 30-year old man with a 30-pound weight loss in one month (CP-0910)
663A 17-year-old girl with headache and complex partial seizure (COM-BP)
662Renal insufficiency in a 68 year-old woman (AP-0810)
661A 37 year-old woman with a “mole” on her calf (CP-0810)
660A 54-year-old woman with a lesion compressing the medulla (COM-BP)
659A 35 year-old man with falcine tumor (COM-BP)
658Posterior fossa lesion 45 years after ocular trauma (COM-BP)
657A 25-year-old man with difficulty breathing (AP-0710)
656A 48-year-old female with fever of unknown origin for 3 months (AP-0710)
655A 24-year-old G1 P0 with intrauterine fetal demise at 32 weeks gestational age (AP-0710)
654An 86 year-old female with a history of hematolymphoid neoplasia (CP-0710, Purged)
653A 47 year old Woman with a Thigh Mass (AP-0510)
652A 7 week old male with ambiguous genitalia and history of Hirschprung disease (CP-0610)
651A 67 year old female with a distal pancreatic mass (AP-0510)
650 Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (AITL) (CP-0510)
649 An 81 year-old male with confusion and weakness (COM-BP)
648 Vaginal culture of a pregnant woman (CP-0410)
647A 30-year old woman with nephrotic syndrome (AP-0410)
646A 24-Year-Old Male with Headaches (COM-BP)
645A young man with influenza (CP-0310)
644Abdominal lymphomatosis (AP-0310)
643A 20 year old woman with a paraspinal mass (COM-BP)
642Metastasis to the Calcaneus (AP-0210)
641Antibodies to dsDNA (CP-0210)
640A 12-year-old boy with multiple brain masses (COM-BP)
639Cystic pancreatic mass in a 61 year old male (AP-0110)
638Recurrent pneumonia and pain crises in a young female patient (CP-0110)