Case Index by Patient History - 2017

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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969 A 55-Year-old Male with Intermittent Headache (COM-BP)
968 A 27 Year Old Female with Multicranial Lesions (COM-BP)
967 A Teenage Female with an Ovarian Mass (AP-1217)
966 Monoclonal IgG/kappa in a Woman in Her 80s (CP-1217)
965A 60 Year Old Woman with Multifocal Subcortical Infarcts (COM-BP)
964A 72 Year Old Male with a Slow Growing Pineal Region Tumor (COM-BP)
963A 39 Year Old Male with Headache, Visual Blurring and a Renal Mass (COM-BP)
962A 40 Year Old Female with Dural Based lesions (COM-BP)
961A 44-year-old Female with Familial Mediterranean Fever, Cardiomyopathy and End Stage Renal Disease (COM-BP)
960A 68-year-old Woman with a Left Orbital and Temporal Mass (COM-BP)
959A Post-Menopausal Female with an Ovarian Mass (AP-1117)
958A Male Newborn with Bruising and Petechia (CP-1117)
957A 2-week Old Neonate with Refractory Thrombocytopenia Not Responding to Random Donor Platelets (CP-1017)
956A Preadolescent Female with a Series of Neurological Symptoms (AP-1017)
955A Year-Old Boy with a Parotid Lump (AP-0917)
954A Premature Infant with Persistent Anemia (CP-0917)
953A 39-Year Old Woman with Progressive Vision Impairment (COM-BP)
952An 8-Year Old Girl with a Supratentorial Mass (COM-BP)
951A 31-Year-Old Man with Slowly Progressive Limb Weakness and Respirtory Insufficiency (COM-BP)
950A 62-Year-Old Woman with a History of Muscle Pain and Skin Rash for a Month (COM-BP)
949A 42 Year Old Man with AIDS and Multiple Incomplete Ring Enhancing Lessions (COM-BP)
948 A 42-year Old Male with Diabetes Insipidus (COM-BP)
947A Post-Menopausal Female with an Ovanrian Mass (AP-0617)
946A 54-Year Old Male with Multiple Intra and Extracranial Masses (COM-BP)
945A 57-Year Old Female with Sudden Onset of Transient Right Homonymous Hemianopsia (COM-BP)
944Excessively High Acylcarnitine Values in the New Born Screen of Premature Infant (CP-0517)
943A Woman in Her 60s with a Parotid Mass (AP-0517)
942A 32-year-old Man with Headace, Visual Loss and Infiltrative Lession in Corpus Callosum and Cingulate Gyri (COM-BP)
941A 19-year-old Male with Headaches and a Possible Seizure (COM-BP)
940A Post Transplant Teenager with Liver Lesion (AP-0417)
939A Pediatric Male with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Severe Neutropenia (CP-0417)
938A Post-menopausal Female with Bleeding and Vaginal Bulge (AP-0317)
937A 53-year-old Woman with a Subfascial Mass of the Back that Lasted for Years (COM-BP)
936 An 11 Year Old Boy with Leptomentingeal Tumor (COM-BP)
935A Male Teenager with Complaint of Weakness, Nausea, and Vomiting (Restricted Access, CP-0317)
934A 58-year-old Female with a Colonic Mass (AP-0217)
933A 3-year-old Boy with Asperger's Syndrome (Restricted Access, CP-0217)
932 36 Year Old Man with Nasopharyngeal Tumor (COM-BP)
931 A 61-Year-Old Man with Chronic Expansile Sellar Mass (COM-BP)
930 A 50-Year-Old Man with a Falcine Mass (COM-BP)
929 A 19-Year-Old Male with a Well-Demarcated Parieto-Occipital Mass (COM-BP)
928Genomic Analysis of a Renal Mass in a Toddler (CP-0117)
927Primary Endometrial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors with EWSR Gene Rearrangement (AP-0117)