Case Index by Patient History - 2015

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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890 A 14 Year Old Boy with Left Temporal Mass (COM-BP)
889 A 52 Year Old Man with Myoclonic Jerks (COM-BP)
888 A 34-Year Old Male with an Intracranial Mass (COM-BP)
887 A 30-year Old Male with Head Trauma Three Months Ago (COM-BP)
886A man at 70s Had Episodes of Syncopy (AP-1215)
885 A 49-year Old Male with a Pituitary Tumor (COM-BP)
884 A 30-year Old Female with a Suprasellar Tumor (COM-BP)
883A case of unexplained cerebral sinus thrombosis (CP-1115)
882 A 2 Year Old Girl with Dysmetria and Ataxia (COM-BP)
881 A 74 Year Old Man with a 4.4 cm Jugular Foramen Mass (COM-BP)
880A 53-year-old male with leukocytosis and a neutrophilic left shift (CP-0915)
879 A 59-Year-old Man with Two Cerebellar Lesions and Disturbed Cerebellar Morphology (COM-BP)
878 A 59 Year-old Man with History of Renal Transplantation (COM-BP)
877 A 24-year-old Woman with Recent Onset Backpain (COM-BP)
876 Unusual Spinal Cord Tumor in a 16-month-old Child (COM-BP)
875A 2-year-old girl with a liver mass (AP-0715)
874 A 19-year-old Male with an Intraventricular Tumor (COM-BP)
873 A 55-year-old Man with Acute Ascending Paraparesis (COM-BP)
872A 31 year old male with aggressive behavior and fever (CP-0715)
871A 30-year-old woman with intermittent joint pain in her wrists and ankles (CP-0615)
870 An 11-Year-Old Boy With a Sacral Spinal Mass (COM-BP)
869A 2 Month-Old Male with Hypotonia (COM-BP)
868A man in his early 20s with a mass on the lateral aspect of his right lower leg (AP-0515)
867A woman in her 30s with urticaria, flushing, and cramping abdominal pain (CP-0515)
866A 41-Year-Old Man with Drug-Resistant Complex Partial Seizures (COM-BP)
865 A 40-Year-Old Female with Leptomeningeal Lesions (COM-BP)
864A 76-year old female with nephrotic range proteinuria and urine albumin to protein ratio less than 10% (CP-0415)
863A female in Her 30s with an Enlarging Left Labial Mass (AP-0415)
862 A 33-Year Old Man with Cervical Pain (COM-BP)
861A 67 Year-Old Man with Multiple Sclerosis and New Cerebellar Lesions (COM-BP)
860A 43 Year Old Female with Multifocal Cerebral Leasons (COM-BP)
859 An 11 Year Old Child with a Right Parieto-Occipital Leason (COM-BP)
858A woman in her 70s with a bladder mass (AP-0215)
857A 70 year old male with a mass on the right thigh (AP-0215)
856A 35-year-old Man with lytic skull lesion (COM-BP)
855A 64 year-old woman with longstanding migraine (COM-BP)
854 A man with chronic liver disease and headaches (CP-0115)
853 A woman in her 70s with a double lung transplant (AP-0115)