Case Index by Patient History - 2011

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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714A 45 year old man with a pineal region tumor for over 15 years (COM-BP)
713A 39 year-old man with a cerebellar mass and pancytopenia (COM-BP)
712A 46 year old female with shortness of breath (CP-1211)
711 A 72 year old man with elevated PSA (AP-1211)
710A 2-year-old boy with hemolytic uremic syndrome and pneumocephalus (COM-BP)
709A man with posterior fossa tumors 15 years apart (COM-BP)
708 A 4-month-old boy with new onset seizures (CP-1111)
707 A 53-year old male with a five day history of worsening rash, pain and swelling in his right hand (AP-1111)
706 A 17 weeks fetus with significant shortening of long bones (AP-1011)
705 A 49 year old male with tooth pain (CP-1011)
704 Two patients with red urine (CP-0911)
703 A 70 year old female with eye pain and periorbital swelling (AP-0911, Purged)
702A 71-year-old female with right eye proptosis (COM-BP)
701 A 49 year old male with headache and diplopia (AP-0811)
700 A 55 year-old male with weakness and altered mental status (CP-0811)
699A 28 year old female with fatigue and easy bruising (CP-0811)
698A 55 year-old male with recurrent spontaneous pneumothoraces (AP-0711)
697 A progressive multifocal neurological syndrome in a 42 year old woman (COM-BP)
696 Skull base tumor in a patient affected of phacomatosis pigmentovasclaris (COM-BP)
695An 80-year old male with peripheral blood lymphocytosis (CP-0711)
694A 57-year-old female with endocarditis and brain abscess (CP-0611)
693A 52-year-old man with pancytopenia (CP-0611)
692A 51-year-old woman with chronic fatigue and weakness (AP-0611)
691A 36-year old male with an ear infection (CP-0611)
690 A 32 year old woman with multiple intracranial masses (COM-BP)
689An 86 year-old woman with a sacrococcygeal mass (AP-0511)
688A 57-year-old male with chronic hepatitis C and IL28B CT genotype (CP-0511)
687A newborn with large, thin-walled cysts in the left hemithorax (AP-0411)
686A 46 year old female with inconsistent thyroglobulin concentrations (CP-0411)
685A 2 year-old boy with a posterior fossa tumor (COM-BP)
684An 88-year old woman with post encephalitic parkinsonism (COM-BP)
683A 42-year-old male with sudden onset of suprapubic and pelvic discomfort (CP-0311)
682A 69 year old female with a renal mass (AP-0311)
681A 57 year old femake with a cerebellar mass (COM-BP)
680A 16 month old girl with an intravantricular mass (COM-BP)
679A 10 year old girl with a hepatic Epstein-Barr virus-associated smooth muscle tumor (AP-0211)
678A 54-year-old woman with recent onset of pancytopenia of unknown etiology (CP-0211)
677A 61 year old female with a recent venous thrombosis and a wild-type MTHFR 677 genotype (CP-0111)
676 A 73 year old male had an heart transplant (AP-0111)