Case Index by Patient History - 2018

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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995 A 39 Year-Old Female with Chordoid meningioma with Castleman Syndrome (COM-BP)
994 An 83 Year-old Man with Myeloid Sarcoma in CNS, Subdural Hematoma and Meningothelial Meningioma (COM-BP)
993 A 68-Year Old Woman with Multiple Sclerosis, Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma and Seizures (COM-BP)
992 A 43 Year Old Woman with Headaches, Unconsciousness and Left Upper-Limb Paralysis (COM-BP)
991 A 41 Year Old Male with Rectal Bleeding (AP-0518)
990 A 66-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Dementia (COM-BP)
989 A 77-Year-Old Man with Parkinsonism and Rapidly Progressive Dementia (COM-BP)
988 A 66 Year-old Woman with Muscle Weakeness and Respiratory Failure (COM-BP)
987 A 3-month-old Boy with Progressive Weakeness (COM-BP)
986 A Bioterror Agent in the Laboratory (CP-0518)
985 Primordial Odontogenic Tumor with Hard Tissue Formation and Epithelial Nests (AP-0418)
984 A 72-Year Old Female with an Intraventricular Mass (COM-BP)
983Unexpected Death of a 9-Year-Old Girl (COM-BP)
982An Elderly Man with an Unusual Peripheral Blood Smear (CP-0418)
981A Middle Aged Male with an Seminal Vesicle Mass (AP-0318)
980A 56-Year-Old Woman with Blindness and Mental Status Changes (COM-BP)
979A 36-Year-Old Man with Headache and Fever (COM-BP)
978A 37-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Right Side Ptosis for One Month (COM-BP)
977A 68-Year Old Woman with Multiple Sclerosis, Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma and Serisures (COM-BP)
976 Undetectable Luteinizing Hormone Levels in a Precocious Puberty Evaluation (CP-0318)
975 Middle Age Female with a Femur Lesion (AP-0218)
974 Thyroid, or Not Thyroid -- That Is the Question (CP-0218)
973A 74-Year-Old Female with a Well Circumscribed Parietal Lobe Mass (COM-BP)
972 A 24-Year-Old Male with a Subgaleal Mass (COM-BP)
971 Molecular Testing of a Thyroid Nodule in an Elderly Woman (CP-0118)
970 A Term Female Nneonate with Two Oral Cavity Masses (AP-0118)