Case Index by Patient History - 1997

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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124A 37 year old man with fever and a hilar pulmonary mass
123A 19 year old male with frontal lobe tumor *
122Lash's Bitters: biochemical analysis of a historical proprietary medicine
121A sixty two year old man with a left supraclavicular mass
120A 26 year old woman with new onset siezures
119A neonate with intracranial hemorrhage and seizure activity
118A 67 year old man with a lytic and blastic lesion of left tibia
117A 13 year-old girl with progressive movement disorder
116A fourty-two year old woman with right breast mass
115A 20 year old woman with anemia and abdominal pain
114Diabetic Male with Transient Ischemic Attacks*
113A fifty-eight year old female with dizziness and headache
112A fourty two year old man with left facial weakness*
111A twenty eight years old female with progressive dyspnea and bilteral pulmonary infiltrates
110A premature baby with late onset oligohydramnios and grossly normal kidneys
109A 42 year old male with oral cysts and numerous skin lesions
108Transfusion reaction in a fifty-eight year old man
107A sixty-seven year old female with skin lesion
106A thirty-one year old woman with seizures, fatigue and attention deficits*
105A sixty eight year old female with a large mass in the right kidney
104A 3 1/2 month old child with anemia, neutropenia, and lactic acidosis
103A nineteen year old man with progressive low back pain
102A thirty two year old man with mental status changes and a severe occipital headache*
101A sixty seven year old woman with abnormal preoperative RBC type and crossmatch testing
100A thirty-three year old woman with post coital bleeding and vaginal discharge
099A four-year old girl with atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor of the CNS with ring chromosome 22 abnormality*
098A thirty-three year old male with a perminent intravascular catheter
097A sixty nine year old male with pigmented lesion on his right ear
096An eight-year old boy with skin rash and proteinuria
095A nine-year old girl presented with nausea, vomiting and hydrocephalus
094A fifty-seven year old female with pelvic mass (Purged)
093A twenty-six year old female with peritonitis
092A seven year old girl with seizures
091A three week old baby girl with loss of body weight, facial and skeletal abnormalies
090A twenty two month old girl with a cervicomedullary mass
089A fifty-nine year old male with lung mass