Case Index by Patient History - 1999

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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215A 40-year-old white female with lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate
214A 71 year-old woman with progressive sensori-motor polyneuropathy (COM-BP)*
213A 36 years old male with left internal carotid artery thrombosis
212A 48 year old woman with new onset diplopia and mental status changes
211A 39 year-old female with a cavitary lesion in the right upper lung lobe
210A 56 year-old woman with left facial numbness
209A 46 year old woman with solid mass in the right breast (Purged)
208a 70 year old female with seizures and progressive dementia *
207A 24 year-old female with progressive lower extremity dystonia, dysarthia, dysphagia and mental impairment *
206A 67-year-old male with intermittent confusion, fever of unknown origin, and lower extremity weakness
205A 30 year old female with a painful left index finger
204A 49 year old woman with visual disturbances*
203An 84 year old man with bladder outlet obstruction
202A 66 year old man with a subacute multi-system disorder and polyneuropathy*
201A 19 month old boy with a renal mass
200Cervical lymphadenopathy in a young female
199A 78 year old man with rectal mass
198A 22 years old female with intraventricular mass*
197A 47 year old man with monoclonal protein in his serum
196A 64-year-old woman with a long history of irritable bowel syndrome
195A 16-year-old male with history of low grade astrocytoma*
194A 35 year old female with shortness of breath presenting as atypical pneumonia (Purged)
193A 68 year-old female with extremely labored breathing
192An 18 year old man with a testicular mass
191A 44-year-old man with a bleeding intracerebral tumour*
190A 16-year-old boy with severe abdominal pain
189A 52 year old woman with gastrointestinal bleeding and a history of rheumatoid arthritis
188An eighty-one year old woman with an axillary mass
187A 62-year-old male with fatigue and malaise
186A 75-year-old male with oligoarthritis and localized swellings
185A 26 year old HIV positive male with dura based masses*
184A 54 year old man with severe muscle weakness *
183A 68-year-old woman with a history of bilateral back pain and fever
182A 31-year-old female with a right upper quadrant cyst
181A 39 year old man with lung abscess
180Fetus with echogenic mass in third ventricle*
179Intraventricaular mass in a 4 year old girl
178Profiles of total CK, CK-MB and troponin I in two cases of acute myocardial infarction