Case Index by Patient History - 2016

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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926 47-year Old Female with a Destructive Sellar Mass (COM-BP)
925A Child with Radiologically Recurrent Thalamic Tumor (COM-BP)
924 A Woman in Her Late 30's with a History of Recurrent Scalp Lesion (CP-1216)
923 A child with Hirschsprung Disease (AP-1216)
922 A Young Boy with Liver Transplantation (CP-1116)
921A 65 Year Old Female with Epidermoid Cyst with Malignant Transformation to Squamous Cell Carcinoma (COM-BP)
920A 49-Year Old Female with Multiple Extra-Axial Tumors (COM-BP)
919A Female in Her 80s with a Renal Mass (AP-1116)
918Extradural Brain Mass in a 64 Old Year Old Man (COM-BP)
917A 33-year-old HIV-positive Male with Spinal Mass (COM-BP)
916A Man in His 50s with Acute Onset Aphasia and Right Sided Weakness (AP-1016)
915 A Young Child with Short Stature, Hypoplastic Thumb and Pancytopenia (CP-1016)
914 A 55 Year Old Woman with Yearlong Headache and Dizziness (COM-BP)
913Complicated Fall in a 78 year Old Lady (COM-BP)
912 An Adolescent Female with Abdominal Fullness and Distension (AP-0916)
911 A Gentleman with a Lump in his Jaw (CP-0916)
910A 49-year-old Man with Progressive Cranial Neuropathies (COM-BP)
909A 71-year-old Man Presenting with Headache, Blurry Vision and Alexia without Agraphia (COM-BP)
908A 37-year-old Pregnant Female with Multifocal Brain Lesion (COM-BP)
907A 36-year-old Man with Parietal Skull Mass (COM-BP)
906 An 11-Year-Old Male with an Internal Extramedullary Spinal Mass (COM-BP)
905 A 60 Year-Old Male with Progressive Back Pain (COM-BP)
904 A 64-Year-old Male with Leg Pain (COM-BP)
903 A Woman with Leg Numbness and Weakenss (COM-BP)
902 A 61-year-old Female with a Mass in the Right Supraclavicular Area
901 A 32-Year-old Man with Intermittent Headaches for Over Two Weeks (COM-BP)
900 A 66-year-old Man with Facial Pain (COM-BP)
899 A 59-year-old Female with a Retrosellar Mass (COM-BP)
898 A 63-year-old Woman with a Right Frontal Lesion (COM-BP)
897 A Female in Her Early 60s with Worsened Joint Pain after Initiation of Immunotherapy (CP-0316)
896 A Woman in her 50s with Severe Pain in Right Lower Quadrant and Vomiting (AP-0216)
895 A 22-year-old Woman with Right Eyelid Swelling (COM-BP)
894 A 74-year-old Woman with Progressive Weakness (COM-BP)
893 A 12-year-old Male with Cerebral Peduncle Atrophy (COM-BP)
892 A 55-year-old Male with a Pituitary Tumor (COM-BP)
891A Male in His 20s with Hematuria, Hypertension, Seizure and Aplastic Anemia (Restricted Access, CP-0116)