Case Index by Patient History - 2014

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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852An 85-year old male with levodopa-responsive Parkinsonism (COM-BP)
851A 13-year old female with intractable seizures (COM-BP)
850 A 52 year-old male with angiokeratomas, anhydrosis, and acral paresthesias (Restricted Access, CP-1214)
849 A 71 year-old male with a right colonic mass (AP-1214)
848A 59 year old female with cerebellopontine angle hemorrhage (COM-BP)
847A 37-year-old female with intraventricular mass (COM-BP)
846A 24 year-old woman with relapsing brainstem manifestations and multiple focal brian lesions (COM-BP)
845A 44-year old male with right-sided facial numbness (COM-BP)
844A woman in her 50s with a cervical spinal tumor (AP-1114)
843A 30 year old male with a right corneal abrasion (CP-1114)
842A 65-year-old female with an incidental lung mass (AP-1014)
841A 24 year-old female in labor at 38 weeks with a positive HIV screen (CP-1014)
840A 77-year-old woman with a dural-based mass (COM-BP)
839A 48 year old woman with right leg and arm numbness (COM-BP)
838A 75 year-old male with obstructive jaundice and a pancreatic head mass (AP-0914)
837A 69 year-old woman with an epidural mass(COM-BP)
836A 53-year-old woman with progressive headache (COM-BP)
835Acute hydrocephalus and stroke in a 20 year-old man (COM-BP)
834A 70 year old farmer suffering from fatal meningoencephalitis (COM-BP)
833A 4 week-old boy with an abdominal mass (AP-0714)
832A 20-year-old man with hearing loss progressing to tetraparesis (COM-BP)
831A 29-year-old man with difficulty climbing the stairs (COM-BP)
830A 55-year-old man with hemoglobin of 6.5 g/dL (CP-0614)
829A 24-year old female with gradual onset of abdomen pain (AP-0614)
828An 83 year old female with a lower GI bleed and multiple lesions (AP-0514)
827A 67-Year-old Man with a Lumbar Spine Lesion (COM-BP)
826A 31 Year Old Female with a Destructive Clival Mass (COM-BP)
825A 66-year-old female with complaint of weakness (CP-0514)
824A 56 year-old Female with a Serum hCG of 5 mIU/ml (CP-0414)
823A 6 year old female transplant patient presents with fever and rectal bleeding (AP-0414)
822A 63-year Old Woman with Dysphonia, Dysphagia, and Sleep Apnea (COM-BP)
821A 26-year Old Female with a Small Prepontine Lesion (COM-BP)
820A 40-year-old Woman with Intracranial Bleed and Osteomalacia (COM-BP)
819A 64 year old male with a lung nodule (CP-0314)
818Two cases of intraventricular hemorrhage in young patients (COM-BP)
817A 6 year old girl with left parietal lob tumor (COM-BP)
816A 27-year-old male with deteriorating levels of consciousness (AP-0314)
815A 56-Year Old Man with Thalamic and Frontal Masses (COM-BP)
814A 46-Year-Old Woman with a Spinal Cord Mass (COM-BP)
813A 46 year old female with a nodule at the mid esophagus (AP-0214)
812A 54 year old man with progressive vision and hearing loss (COM-BP)
811A 72 year old female with leg weakness (COM-BP)
810A 58-year-old male with hallucinations and atasxia (COM-BP)
809A 21-year-old female with galactorrhea (COM-BP)
808A 58 year old woman with a thyroid nodule (AP-0114)
807A five-day old female with an abnormal newborn screen (CP-0214)
806A 48 year old male with hip pain, confusion, headaches and blurry vision (CP-0114)