Case Index by Patient History - 2003

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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373A woman in her 70s with a recurent meningeal mass (COM-BP)
372A male in his 50s with chronic anemia (CP-1203)
371A male in his 30s with a mediastinal mass (AP-1203)
370A male in his 70s with a brain mass (AP-1103)
369A female in her 20s with Refsum's disease (CP-1103)
368Neonatal female with congenital brain tumor (COM-BP)
367A man in his 50s with progressive aphasia and right-sided hemiplegia
366A female in her 40s with repeated episodes of flushing, headache, shortness of breath, tachycardia and hypotension (CP-1003)
365A female in her 70s with pelvic masses (AP-1003)
364A woman in her 50s with sudden onset of diplopia (COM-BP)
363A male in his 80s with left sided neck mass (AP-0903)
362Myelodysplastic syndrome and bone marrow transplant engraftment failure (CP-0903)
361A woman in her 70s with a right frontal lobe mass (COM-BP)
360A woman in her 40s with a 7-year-history of osteomalacia and hypophosphatemia (COM-BP)
359A male teenager with a brain mass (AP-0803)
358A male in his 40s with severely compromised vision (CP-0803)
357A female in her 60s with progressive muscular weakness (COM-BP)
356Adolescents with ovarian masses (AP-0703)
355A female in her 40s with severe transfusion reaction (CP-0703, Purged)
354A male in his 30s with a frontal lobe mass (COM-BP)
353A male in his 20s with multiple "atypical" nevi (AP-0603)
352A teenager girl with severe behavioral problems (CP-0603)
351A woman in her 50s with acute loss of strength in her right upper extremity and slurred speech (COM-BP)
350A diabetic male in his 50s with necrotic pontine lesion (COM-BP)
349A man in his 40s with severe headaches after a fall (CP-0503)
348A man in his 70s with nausea and vomiting (AP-0503)
347A woman in her 40s with microcalcifications on mammogram (AP-0403, Purged)
346A young boy with microcephaly and developmental delay (CP0403)
345A woman in her 40s with a solitary lesion in the liver (COM-BP)
344A 30-year-old female with sinus pressure, headache and gingival hyperplasia (CP0303, Purged))
343Ovarian mass in a 53-year-old woman with endometriosis (AP-add-0303)
342A 27-year-old lady with a history of upper extremity numbness and weakness (AP-0303)
341A 53 year old male with new onset seizures (COM-BP)
340Familial adenomatous polyposis: A molecular diagnostic approach (CP0203)
339A 56 year old female with a pancreatic mass (AP0203)
338A 43 year-old woman with a palpable breast mass (AP-add-0103)
337A 56 year old woman with right frontal tumor of the dura (COM-BP)*
336A 38 year-old male with multiple brain masses (CP0103)
335A 15-year-old male with elevated ammonia levels (AP0103)