Case Index by Patient History - 2001

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

* Case contributed by other medical institution

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291 Rapidly progressive motor weakness, starting in pregnancy (COM-BP)*
290A 58 year old male with fevers, cutaneous nodules and cerebrovascular accident (AP1201)
289A 40 year old man with a enlarged right axillary lymph node (CP1201)
288 A 67 year old man in coma requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation (COM-BP)*
287A 56 year old female with one lymph node metastasis and two oral squamous cell tumors (CP1101)
286A 21 year old male with back pain and wobbly gait (AP1101)
285An 83-year-old with post-operative bleeding (CP1001)
284A 15 year old male with a left testicular mass (AP1001)
283A 40 year old Xhosa male with back pain and leg weakness (COM-BP)*
282A 51 year old man with seizures since childhood (COM-BP)*
281A 53 year old woman with a parotid gland mass (AP0901)
280Transfusion therapy in a 60-year-old with immunoglobulin deficiency (CP0901)
279A case of T. californiensis conjunctival infestation in human (CP)
278A 75-year-old woman with duodenal submucosal mass and anemia (CP0801)
277A 44 year-old white male with a left flank mass (AP0801)
276Sellar/suprasellar mass in a 59-year-old woman (COM-BP)*
275A 16 year old male with a right testicular mass (AP0701)
274A 69 year-old female with bloody urine following transfusion (CP0701)
273 A 58 year old man with a temporal bone mass (COM-BP)*
272 A 61 year old female with progressive confusion lethargy and headaches (COM-BP)*
271A 58 year old female with chronic myeloid leukemia (CP0601)
270A 15-year-old girl with an ovarian mass (AP0601)
269 A 32 year old female with dural mass encircling cervical spinal cord (COM-BP)*
268 A girl in coma (CP0501)
267An 82 year-old woman with right-sided hydronephrosis (AP0501)
266 A 70 year-old woman with gait disorders (COM-BP)*
265A 62 year-old woman with back pain (AP0401)
264 A 77-year-old with acute onset of epistaxis (CP0401)
263 A 16 year old female with a cerebellar mass (COM-BP)*
262 -A 42-year-old African male with diarrhea and urinary frequency (CP0301)
261A 66 year-old male with a left thyroid mass (AP0301)
260A 74 year old man with a history over 3 months of increasing dyspnea and malaise (COM-BP)*
259 A 72 year-old male with lymphocytosis (CP0201, Purged)
258A 71 year old woman with a mass in left breast (AP0201)
257A 37 year-old man with a history of Hodgkin's disease (COM-BP)*