Case Index by Patient History - 1995

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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047A twenty year old male with confusion, agitation and unresponsiveness
046A fifty-five year old female with hemoptysis
045A fifty-five year old male with anterior cervical neck mass
044A thirty-five year old man with pain in lower thigh
043Intermittent fevers in a 43 year old black male
042A fifty-four year old man with a right cheek mass
041Mesenteric adenopathy in a 57 year old woman, status post kidney transplant in 1983
040A thirty-three year old man with a testicular lesion
039A seventy-three year old Jewish female with anemia of unknown etiology
038Painful left knee mass in a 58 year old male
037A six year old male with worsening lymphadenopathy on amoxicillin
036Gastric mass in a 70 year old male with weight loss
035Renal tumor in a 44 year old male
034A fifty-seven year old female with an anterior mediastinal mass
033A fifty-nine year old female with an enlarged left inguinal lymph node
032A seventy-nine year old male with frontal headache
031A fifty year old woman on Norpace with tachycardia
030A seventy-two year old male with abdominal pain, anorexia and weight loss
029A sixty-nine year old female with hypertension of unknown etiology
028A forty-four year old female with left lower quadrant pain and diarrhea (Purged)
027A twenty year old male restrained passenger involved in an automobile accident
026A forty-two year old man with hip pain
025A fifty-nine year old female with a right atrial mass (Purged)
024An eighty year old female with a neck mass
023A fifty-two year old male with "cholelithiasis"
022A forty-one year old female with liver failure
021A forty-five year old female with acute liver failure
020A thirty-six year old male with renal failure
019A forty-seven year-old female requiring repeat heart transplantation
018A thirty-four year-old liver transplant patient
017A forty-three year-old male with a history of hepatitis C
016Maxillary cyst in a 36 year old male
015Bladder mass in a 57 year old woman
014Right cerebellopontine angle mass in a 64 year old woman
013Disorientation in a 43 year old woman with cirrhosis
012Bladder mass in a 73 year old male
011Brainstem mass in a 2 year old female
010Osteolytic lesion of the tibia in a 12 year old male