Case Index by Patient History - 2005

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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449An elderly man with a plaque-like crusted lesion of his right temple (AP-1205)
448A 19-year-old male with generalized seizures, unconsciousness and a deviation of gaze (COM-BP)
447Transfusion-Refractory Anemia: Immune Or Non-Immune Hemolysis? (CP-1205)
446A 61-year-old woman with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, pancytopenia and abdominal pain (CP-1105)
445A 35-year-old woman with progressive bilateral leg weakness (COM-BP)
444 A 48-year-old woman with a one-year history of back pain (AP-1105)
443A 48 year old male with sudden onset of right sided weakness (COM-BP)
442 A 60-year-old man with a history of headaches (AP-1005)
441A woman in her 80s with bowel obstruction (CP-1005)
440A 43 year old woman with a temporal mass (COM-BP)
439A One-year-old child with Megakaryoblastic Leukemia (CP-0905, Purged)
438A 33 year old male with testicular discomfort (AP-0805)
437A 45- year old male with symptomatic mass in the frontal lobe (COM-BP)
436A 13-year-old boy with neurodegeneration (AP-0805)
435A 10 month-old girl with hypotonia (CP-0805)
434A 28-year-old male with multiple erythematous plaques
433A 21-year-old female with a third ventricular tumor (COM-BP)
432A 37-year-old female with ghost mycobacteria on gram gtain (CP-0705)
431A 30 year-old female with multiple gastric polyps (AP-0705)
430A 62-year old man with chronic pyothorax (COM-BP)
429A 74 year old female with inflamed "seborrheic keratosis" on dorsum of right ankle (AP-0605)
428A 32 year old man with severe pancytopenia (CP-0605)
427A 57-year-old male with persistent leukocytosis (CP-0505)
426A 71 year old male with 4 decades of symptoms referable to both central and peripheral nervous system (COM-BP)
425A 14-year-old boy with congenital hypothyroidism (AP-0505)
424Woman aged 24 years with fourth ventricular mass (COM-BP)
423A 15-year-old male with progressive loss of central vision and macular edema (CP-0405)
422A man in his 20s with a sudden onset of polydipsia and polyuria (AP-0405)
421A 15-year-old female with progressive myelopathy (COM-BP)
420Liver mass in a cirrhotic liver (AP-0305)
419A pregnant woman in early 40s with thrombocytopenia (CP-0305)
418A woman in her 40s with an ovarian mass (AP-0305)
417A lung transplant patient with nausea, vomiting and dehydration (CP-0205)
416A 10-month-old baby-boy with a large pineal tumor (COM-BP)
415 A female in her 20s with a thyroid mass (AP-0205)
414A boy aged 7 years with primitive neuroectodermal tumor (COM-BP)
413A 12 year-old boy presented with substernal chest pain (CP-0105)
412 A caucasian woman in her late 20s with progressive shortness of breath (AP-0105)