Case Index by Patient History - 2004

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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411 A male in his 60s with plasma cell neoplasm, favor solitary plasmacytoma of bone (AP-1204)
410 A one year old girl with an aggressive skull tumor (COM-BP)
409A man in his 80s with multiple cutaneous nodules (CP-1204)
408 Intradural mass of the cauda equina in a woman in her early 60's (COM-BP)
407A 49-year-old white woman found dead in her bed (CP-1104)
406 A female in her 30s with a right iliac fossa mass (AP-1104)
405Esophageal perforation with an unusual etiology (CP-1004)
404A 71 year-old man with a left testicular mass (AP-1004)
403A man in his late forties with progressive dementia (COM-BP)
402A 6 year-old girl with headache and stiff neck (COM-BP)
401Anemia and thrombocytopenian in a newborn (CP-0904)
400An infant with pain over the left scrotum (AP-0904)
399A woman in her 40s with left flank pain and symptoms of ureteral obstruction (CP-0804)
398A transplant patient with multiple cutaneous malignancies and related fatal outcome (AP-0804)
397A man in his mid-sixties with intermittent paresthesia of the abdomen and legs (COM-BP)
396A man in his 40s with headaches and dyspnea (COM-BP)
395A middle-aged man with intractable lower back pain (CP-0704)
394A woman in her 60s with an incidental finding in the left ovary (AP-0704)
393A male in his late 60's with recurrent extracerebral tumor (COM-BP)
392A female in her 20s with pharyngitis, odynophagia, dysphagia (CP-0604)
391A male in his 20s with HIV, diarrhea and abdominal pain (AP-0604)
390A man in his 70's who has monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, or does he? (CP-0504)
389A baby girl with a bulging eye (AP-0504)
388Newborn with intracranial mass (COM-BP)
387A woman in her 50s with a cervical intra- and extraspinal mass lesion (COM-BP)
386A female in her 50s with a cystic lesion of the pancreas
385A man in his 50s with fever, headache, and sore throat (CP-0404)
384A man in his 70s with right upper quadrant and left-sided back pain (AP-0404)
383A woman in her 20s with bifrontal headaches (COM-BP)
382A baby boy with failure to thrive and respiratory insufficiency (CP-0304)
381A man in his 40s with a 2-year history of epistaxis (COM-BP)
380A woman in her 60s with hysterectomy (AP-0304, Purged)
379An unusual pelvic mass in a female in her 60s (CP-0204)
378A young woman with an unusual "cyst" (AP-0204)
377A male in his 40s with a pancreatic mass (AP-0204)
376An elderly man with frontal lobe tumor (COM-BP)
375A woman in her 40s with endometriosis and bland glandular inclusions (AP-0104)
374A male in his 30s scheduled for Liver transplant (CP-0104)