Case Index by Patient History - 1996

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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088A fourty-four year old HIV positive man died following bleeding from mouth and nose
087A twenty-two year old male with acute leukemia, nodular skin lesion, and splenomegaly
086Patients with progressive neurologic disorders*
085A premature baby with lethargy and coma*
084A seventy-one year old female with neck pain*
083A two-month old boy with symptoms and signs of insecticite poisoning
082A two-year old girl with skin lesion on right arm
081A fifty-one year old woman with new rapidly progressive weakness*
080A fifty-two year old woman with skin and soft tissue infection of the left foot
079A fourty-four year old woman with new brain lesion
078A sixty eight year old male with renal insufficiency
077A thirty eight year old male with a history of fatigue and edema*
076Retroperitoneal masses in a 45 year old man and a 42 year old woman
075A fourty one year old female with complications of pregnancy*
074An eleven year old female with frontal lobe mass
073A three-week old infant with hemangioma and severe thrombocytopenia
072A nine 1/2 year old boy with pain in left proximal medial thigh
071A four year old girl with precocious puberty
070Maculopapular rash in a thirty eight year old female
069Complement monitoring in a fourty-five year old female with systemic lupus erythematosis
068A thirty-two year old female with new onset weakness
067A twenty-nine year old female with fever and hemoptysis
066A nine month old infant with hydrocephalus
065A twenty-seven year old man with right adrenal mass
064A sixty year old man with coccygeal mass
063A sixty-five year old male with abdominal pain
062Fever and severe rigors during transfusion in a 55-year-old woman
061A seventy-four year old man with a history of scleroderma and recent rapidly progressive renal insufficiency
060A seventy year old man with peritonitis (Purged)
059A twenty-two year old man with weakness and white matter lesions
058A twenty year old man with chronic refractory pulmonary hypertension
057Severe headache and fever in a 55 year old male status post liver and kidney transplantations
056 Sore throat and leukocytosis in a 68 year old female (Purged)
055A sixty-five year old female with a right neck mass
054Complete heart block in a 9 year old boy status post small bowel and kidney transplants
053Fever, purpura and hypotension in a 20 year old male
052Left paravertebral mass in a 20 month old boy
051A seventy-three year old male with acute renal failure
050Left neck mass in 6 year old girl five years post liver transplant
049A neonate with lethargy and hyperammonemia
048A fifty-six year old female with chronic hypertension