Anna E. Lokshin, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology

Dr. Lokshin is also a Director of Luminex Core Facility of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and a member of the Cellular and Molecular Pathology Graduate Training Program.

Office Location:
Hillman Cancer Center 1.32
5115 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-623-7706

Research Interests

Dr. Lokshin is an Associate Professor of Medicine with joint appointments as Associate Professor of Pathology and Ob/Gyn Reproductive Sciences. Dr. Lokshin is also a Director of Luminex Core Facility of UPCI. Dr. Lokshin's research is focused on identification of cancer biomarkers for screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and disease monitoring of solid tumor cancers including ovarian, endometrial, breast, lung, pancreatic, HCC, and others. Dr. Lokshin is utilizing multiplexing approach that enables analysis of over hundred of candidate proteins in small blood sample. This approach allows for identification of proteins whose associations with particular cancers have not been previously reported, such as prolactin, eotaxin-1, RANTES, and others. Dr. Lokshins's laboratory investigates the roles and mechanisms of activity of these proteins in several cancers. Dr. Lokshin's laboratory also studies cancer stem cells, cancer stem cells biomarkers, and mechanisms of cancer stem cells drug resistance.

Selected Publications

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