John M. Kirkwood, MD
Professor of Medicine,
Dermatology and Translational Science
Co-Director, Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program

Our laboratory is engaged in the analysis of melanoma tumor samples and the immune response of the host to this malignancy to understand the underlying biology of the host-tumor response, and the ways in which our therapeutic interventions may alter the underlying interaction. Our clinical-translational studies range from those of new molecularly targeted inhibitors of recently documented driver genes in melanoma, to the immunomodulators that have been developed for the treatment of cancer that have had their most remarkable successes in melanoma over the past several years. Our current studies include the immunological effects of the molecularly targeted agents, and combinations of agents that leverage our understanding of the mechanisms of progression in melanoma. These studies focus increasingly upon earlier phases of disease-and what is known as the adjuvant arena where surgical therapy has the ability to cure disease, but immunomodulators add significantly to this benefit-and the analysis of the benefits and mechanisms of new therapies in what is known as neoadjuvant trials, performed before definitive surgery, or analyses of the precursor lesions that are evident in the skin of patients destined to develop new melanoma, where molecular mechanisms of progression are already evident

Office Location:
HCC Suite 1.32C
5117 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1863
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-623-7707
Lab Telephone: 412-623-3243


AB; Oberlin College, 1969
MD; Yale University, 1973

Clinical Expertise

I am board-certified in internal medicine and medical oncology. I received my medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, where I was also an intern and resident in internal medicine. My subspecialty is in medical oncology and did my fellowship in this field at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. My early research in tumor immunology was done at Memorial Sloan Kettering and my postdoctoral fellowship work in tumor immunology at Harvard University.

I am a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Society for Clinical Oncology, the American Association for Cancer Research, the American Medical Association, the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, the National Cancer Foundation, the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research, the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer, the Society for Melanoma Research, the Clinical Immunology Society, and the Society of Natural Immunity.

I have received international acclaim for leading a multicenter study developed on the basis of my pioneering work with biological treatments for melanoma that has provided the first adjuvant, or additional, therapy for treating patients with high-risk melanoma, a type likely to recur despite surgery.

Research Interest

My research has focused upon the analysis of the immunobiology and molecular features of melanoma progression, in studies of advanced disease and high-risk operable disease. Our development of new therapies including the first effective adjuvant therapy of melanoma has included the assessment of biomarkers that may refine application of these therapies. Our translational investigations of immunotherapies and molecularly targeted agents combined with one another have included phase I-II and III studies of cytokines, IFNs and antibodies alone and in conjunction with protein/peptide vaccines. In the adjuvant sphere we have turned to more rapidly informative neoadjuvant study designs, completing the first such evaluations of IFN alfa-2b, ipilimumab, and now are evaluating the combination of these agents. This model has illuminated the mechanisms of immunotherapy and allowed the assessment of antitumor immunity in serum and tumor tissue over time. These neoadjuvant trial designs have moved from phase I-II into phase III trials, with the national and international cooperative groups. My increasing focus upon Prevention, led to the formation of the Melanoma Prevention Working Group in ECOG-ACRIN, now involving interdisciplinary experts from all of the cooperative groups. Recent initiatives have focused upon earlier disease, including the precursor and risk marker lesion known as the atypical/dysplastic nevus, where we have initiated an education system wide internet education program for primary care physicians in 2014 at UPMC. This work has also recently included the development of an oral sulforaphane prevention trial (UPCI 10-114) to define PK/PD and signaling effects upon STAT3 in atypical nevi. Together with our melanoma detection project in the UPMC Physician Services Division these efforts aim ultimately for intergroup initiatives across the Melanoma Prevention Working Group. We have an active training program for postdoctoral fellows, residents, and medical students and have submitted a T32 application that will enlarge upon these activities.

Selected Publications

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