Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Carvunis is a member of Department of Computational and Systems Biology.

Office Location:
Biomedical Science Tower 3
Department of Computational and Systems Biology
3501 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412- 648-3335

Research Interests

We study the mechanisms of change and innovation in biological systems by integrating computational and experimental approaches. We care about how novel genes emerge, and how cellular networks are rewired during evolution. See for more information

Selected Publications

  1. De novo emergence of adaptive membrane proteins from thymine-rich intergenic regions. Vakirlis et al. Nature Communications, 2020.
  2. Synteny-based analyses indicate that sequence divergence is not the dominant source of orphan genes. Vakirlis e al. eLife, 2020.
  3. The meanings of "function" in biology and the problematic case of de novo gene emergence. Keeling et al. eLife. 2019.
  4. De novo gene birth. Van Oss and Carvunis. PLOS Genetics, 2019.