Thoracic Pathology Clinical Fellowship Program

Thoracic Pathology Training Pathology Faculty

Samuel A. Yousem, MD

Dr. Yousem is Vice Chairman for Anatomic Pathology for the University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology, Director of Anatomic Pathology at UPMC Presbyterian, and the section head for Thoracic Pathology. Dr. Yousem has an international reputation in pulmonary pathology, which dates from his early training with Charles B. Carrington, MD and Thomas V. Colby, MD. Dr. Yousem has a multitude of interests primarily focused on inflammatory lung disease. He was one of the original pathologists who described the histopathology of acute and chronic pulmonary rejection and is the senior author of the working formulation for grading of lung rejection utilized across the world for lung allograft assessment. Dr. Yousem has also developed more recent interest in molecular approaches to thoracic neoplasia and has been involved in numerous translational efforts using loss of heterozygosity analysis for the evaluation of pulmonary neoplasia.

N. Paul Ohori, MD

Dr. Ohori has a long-standing interest in thoracic pathology including lung transplantation, but has focused his more recent energies on thoracic cytopathology in his role of Director of Cytopathology at UPMC Presbyterian. Dr. Ohori has a special interest in integrating cytopathological abnormalities with surgical pulmonary pathology, and has collaborated closely with Jennifer Hunt, MD in the utilization of molecular techniques for refining cytopathology analysis.

Sanja Dacic, MD, PhD

Dr. Dacic has a special interest in utilizing molecular techniques in the evaluation of thoracic and mediastinal (primarily thymic) neoplasia. Her interests revolve around utilizing molecular techniques on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue to address problems in thoracic pathology such as epithelial mesenchymal interactions, biphasic neoplasms, molecular predictors of clinical behavior, and segregation of primary from secondary thoracic neoplasms. She has an active research program in fluorescence in situ hybridization and array based comparative genome hybridization with a focus in establishing prognostic markers of lung neoplasia.