Division of Community Pathology



Komal Arora, MD
Payam Arya, MD
Evan E. Baker, MD
Robert Conley, DO
Pil Gyu Hwang, MD, PhD
Sonal N. Kamat, MD
Guizhu Li, MD
Allison Nixdorf-Miller, MD
Linda Christine Olmstead, DO
Sureshchandra A. Patel, MD
Lina P. Perry, MD
Gary SeGall, MD, PhD
Jagjit Singh, MD
Matthew T. Then, MD

Mission Statement

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has increased its outreach to the community of Western Pennsylvania and its hospitals in a radius of nearly 150 miles. As part of this augmentation of services to our extended community, the four UPMC Hospitals affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh and the Department of Pathology provide the peripheral UPMC affiliated hospitals with pathologists that lead the pathology operations and are highly integrated as active and vital members of our Department. The community hospitals encircle the city of Pittsburgh and provide a complete diagnostic service of high quality, using the academic center hospitals as a consultant repository. These hospitals may be staffed by one to seven pathologists for a total of over twenty-five pathologists. Most of the pathologists in the peripheral UPMC affiliates have supplemented their residency training with one to two subspecialty fellowships.

The UPMC peripheral hospital groups have a very active intellectual and functional relationship with the academic hospitals, and similarly policies and protocols developed by the academic hospitals migrate out to the peripheral hospitals such that the quality of testing and pathology reporting is identical across any UPMC facility. The academic hospitals in Pittsburgh have all of their teaching activities webcast to the community pathology staff, including slide review sessions and lecture series, and they act as the primary consultants and CME providers for these peripheral facilities. This group is managed by Dr. Rajnikant Amin, M.D., Director of the Community Pathology Division of UPMC.