Bone, Soft Tissue, and Melanoma Pathology Center of Excellence

Primary Faculty

Mission Statement

The Bone, Soft Tissue, and Melanoma Center of Excellence is based at UPMC Shadyside Hospital and is committed to providing excellence in clinical service, education and research. This subspecialty area supports diagnostic services at UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside and
Positive FISH for a case of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
offers skilled interpretation of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases of bone, soft tissue and melanocytic lesions. The COE is amply supported by the Molecular Anatomic Pathology department headed by Dr. Nikiforov, and cytogenetics laboratory at Magee Women Hospital (Dr. Surti). The center collaborates extensively with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Some of the faculty also are major participants in national intergroup and interinstitutional studies. The educational efforts are supported by ample surgical case material and an active consultation service. The faculty are also actively involved in didactic teaching at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. Clinical-pathologic conferences focused on orthopedic oncology and melanocytic neoplasms are held weekly at UPMC Shadyside. Residents and fellows are trained in the application and interpretation of appropriate histochemical, immunohistochemical, cytogenetic analysis and molecular techniques in the evaluation of bone, soft tissue and melanocytic tumors. Clinical and radiologic correlation skills are also a major focus. The research mission of the center has been focused not only on clinical-pathological correlative studies, but also on translational studies involving gene expression analysis of sarcomas and primary melanoma utilizing fresh and formalin fixed tissues. Resources for cDNA and tissue microarray analysis which may help identify potential tumor markers and future targets for therapy are available at UPMC Presbyterian and Shadyside.

Summary of Clinical Services

  • Sign out in-house cases with pathology residents and fellows, dermatopathology fellows and podiatry residents
  • Perform intraoperative consults (frozen sections) related to bone and soft tissue as well as to general pathology(gastrointestinal, thoracic, ENT and gynecological cases)
  • Supervise pathology trainees and pathology assistants during grossing complex surgically resected specimens
  • Major participant in multidisciplinary (working) conferences related to orthopedics and radiology tumor boards and melanoma on a weekly basis
  • Reference pathologist for UPCI Melanoma Center
  • Intra- and extra-departmental consultant

Summary of Research Activities

  • Clinicopathological studies related to bone and soft tissue tumors and melanoma
  • Soft tissue and bone tumor cytogenetics
  • Immunohistochemical and molecular analysis of bone and soft tissue tumors and melanoma

Educational Programs

  • Teaching pathology residents and fellows on a daily basis at case sign out sessions at a multiheaded microscope
  • Supervision of pathology trainees during grossing specimen and at frozen sections
  • Didactic and unknown slide conferences as scheduled
  • Mentoring pathology trainees on research projects

Residency and Fellowship Programs

  • ACGME accredited Bone and Soft Tissue Fellowship program (5 years)
  • Teaching Faculty for Dermatopathology Fellowship program and Podiatry Residency
  • Pathology Coordinator for Surgical Oncology Fellowship program
  • Bone, Soft Tissue, and Melanoma Pathology Resident Training