Perinatal Pathology Centers of Excellence


Stefan Kostadinov, MD, Division Director
Robert Bendon, MD
Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC: 412-641-4641

Mission Statement

The Division of Perinatal Pathology at Magee-Women's Hospital of UPMC handles more than 6,000 placentas and miscarriage specimens and around 60 fetal and neonatal autopsies yearly. It is The Division's mission to provide the highest level of expertise in performing comprehensive fetal and neonatal post mortem examinations. The goal of these efforts is to determine the cause of death and to identify diseases and congenital anomalies with potential implications for current family members or future pregnancies. This mission further extends on placental pathology examinations as well as examinations of products of conceptions in order to identify abnormalities with possible implications for infant's or maternal health as well as determine prognosis for future reproduction. The Division's work is supported by a well-trained team of pathologist's assistants. The Division provides perinatal pathology consultations for the entire UPMC system. The Division of Perinatal Pathology supports medical research in reproductive biology through collaboration with scientists from the Magee-Women's Research Institute and furthers the education of pathology residents, fellows and medical students at the UPMC School of Medicine training programs.

PEComa-like foci of epithelioid proliferation in placenta from an infant with tuberous sclerosis