Microscopic Description -- A 30 year-old female with multiple gastric polyps


The specimen consisted of three polyps, two of them with distorted glandular architecture including microcysts lined with fundic type epithelial cells (parietal and chief cells), and occasional foveolar type mucous cells. One polyp displayed low-grade dysplasia, characterized by nuclear stratification and diminished mucin of the foveolar and surface epithelium, as represented in Figures 2A and 2B. The Ki-67 immunohistochemical stain demonstrated increased staining in the surface epithelium, indicating increased proliferation and supporting the diagnosis of low-grade dysplasia (Figure 3). The beta-catenin immunostain showed membranous immunoreactivity in the oxyntic glands, as well as in the surface mucosa displaying low-grade dysplasia. Of note, nuclear immunoreactivity with beta-catenin was not observed (Figures 4A and 4B).


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