Clinical Virology Laboratory -
Training of UPMC Clinicians and Pathology Residents

The Clinical Virology Laboratory is strongly committed to training pathology residents and clinicians in clinical virology. All pathology residents participate in a week-long rotation that familiarizes them to major aspects of clinical virology as part of their standard eight week rotation within the Division of Microbiology.

During this rotation, the pathology residents are acquainted with all of the latest diagnostic procedures conducted in the Clinical Virology Laboratory, including viral cultures, immunologic tests, and detection of viral and Chlamydial nucleic acid using the latest molecular diagnostic technologies (real-time PCR).

At the end of their rotation, residents take a self-administered exam on all aspects of clinical virology and the detailed answers provided ensures that they are prepared for the USMLE Pathology Board Exam.

Residents also have an opportunity to consult with Dr. Rinaldo to clarify any aspects of clinical virology in terms of their interpretation for disease prognosis and treatment strategies as a physician.