The Pathology Post-doctoral Research Training Program - PPRTP
Application for the PPRTP Grant

Program Description

The PPRTP program is designed to give postdoctoral trainees an opportunity to obtain independent research funding for their own project(s) and help them on their path to independence. The program began in the year 2000 with the full support of the Department-Chair, Dr. George Michalopoulos, and is currently under the direction of Dr. Aaron Bell.

Note: This grant is not designed to be a supplement to a PI's grant for the completion of their Specific Aims, but rather it is designed for postdoctoral trainees to use in an independently developed project with specific aims separate from the PI/Mentors. The PI/Mentor plays an important role in the career development process and must support the research and career plans developed by the trainee.


Research Associates and Fellows (Post Docs and Clinical) currently part of the Department of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh, who are not independently funded (including persons with F32 grants).


Up to $5,000 per annum for use in research, including publications and supplies. (Money cannot be used for salary support, travel expenses, Computer/Ipod/PDA.)

Grant Period

One year, contingent upon review and acceptance of a 6-month progress report.


Proposals are limited to 3 pages and should include the following:

  • Background, Rational, Specific Aims and Experimental Design.
  • Budget Justification, Future Directions of Research and Intended Career Development of candidate (endorsed by the Mentor).

Items beyond the 3 page limitation:

  • References should be submitted on a separate page.
  • Do not include appendices.
  • NIH modular-format biosketches for the mentor and the candidate should be submitted and should list any current financial support (mentor's or candidate's).
  • Mentors Statement: Each complete application requires a confidential mentor's statement about the candidate which should be completed by and sent directly from the mentor. Please use the attached PDF form to complete this section. Please submit via email to or via interoffice mail to S417 BST. It should not be included with the application by the Research Associate or Post Doc.

Progress Report

A 6-month progress report must be submitted and reviewed to release the second $5,000 installment. At the end of one year of funding, enough data should be generated to allow for submission of a grant proposal such as an RO1 or F32.

The Applications are accepted annually.

Relevant Dates

Next Application Deadline: MAY 30, 2016
Award Notification Date: June, 24, 2015
Award Start Date: July 1, 2016.


1 electronic copy (MSWord or PDF format) and 1 paper copy of complete application to Shannon Hozinec at (S417 BST). Tel: 412-628-9550.


Aaron Bell, PhD