Sharyl Fyffe-Maricich, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Child Neurology

Office Location:
One Children's Hospital Drive
4401 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-692-6400


  • PhD - Human and Molecular Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine , 2008
  • Post Doctoral - Neuroscience, Case Western Reserve University, 2012

Research Interests

Oligodendrocyte development, mechanisms of myelin repair in Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Sharyl Fyffe-Maricich discusses her work in myelin repair - Video

Selected Publications

  1. Fyffe-Maricich SL, Karlo JC, Landreth GE, Miller RH. 2011. The ERK2 mitogen-activated protein kinase regulates the timing of oligodendrocyte differentiation. J Neurosci. Jan 19;31(3):843-50.
  2. *Ishii A, *Fyffe-Maricich SL, Furusho M, Miller RH, Bansal R. 2012. ERK1/ERK2 MAPK signaling is required to increase myelin thickness independent of oligodendrocyte differentiation and initiation of myelination. J Neurosci. Jun 27;32(26):8855-64.
  3. Fyffe-Maricich, SL, Schott A, Karl M, Krasno J, Miller RH. 2013. Signaling through ERK1/2 Controls Myelin Thickness during Myelin Repair in the Adult Central Nervous System. J Neurosci. Nov 20; 33(47):18402-18408.
  4. Miller R.H. and Fyffe-Maricich, S.L. 2010. Restoring the balance between disease and repair in Multiple Sclerosis: Insights from Mouse models. Dis Model Mech. Sep-Oct;3(9-10):535-9.
  5. R.H. Miller, S.L. Fyffe-Maricich, A.V. Caprariello, "Animal Models for the Study of Multiple Sclerosis", in Animal Models for the Study of Human Disease, P.M. Conn, Ed. London: Elsevier Inc., 2013, pp. 1037- 1057