Pathologic Findings -- Patients with Progressive Neurologic Disorders


CASE 1: The brain weighed 1190 gm and demonstrated moderate atrophy with ex vacuo ventricular dilation. No cerebral artery atherosclerosis was present. Microscopically, the cortex at medium power demonstrated spongiform change that was extensive. No increased number of neuritic plaques or neurofibrillary tangle were identified. There was cortical thinning with loss of neurons.

CASE 2: The brain weighed 1510 gm and the gyri demonstrated minimal atrophy. There was minimal cerebral atherosclerosis. Microscopic sections of cerebral cortex at low power, medium power, and high power showed severe neuronal loss with gliosis and marked spongiform change of the gray matter.

CASE 3: The brain weighed 1390 gm. No atrophy was noted. The microscopic appearance of the cortex at low power and at high power revealed subtle spongiform change with minimal gliosis and neuronal loss.

Final Diagnosis


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