Gross Description -- neck mass


The specimen is received fresh in one part labeled "left thyroid lobe, superior pole, marked by stitch". It consists of 8.5 x 7.0 x 4.0 cm., 125 gram thyroid lobectomy. The specimen is inked and serially sectioned revealing a single nodule involving most of the specimen, with a 0.5 cm. rim of thyroid tissue superiorly. This nodule is encapsulated revealing a brown, soft, lobulated cut surface with fibrous bands, with focal areas of hemorrhage, cystic degeneration, and necrosis. Sections are frozen in bulk and OCT. A frozen section was performed. Pictures and digital images are taken. Sections are taken and labeled as follows:

1A - Frozen section

1B through 1M - Mass

1N - Necrotic areas

1O - Spongy area

Microscopic Description


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