Microscopic Description -- Testicular Lesion


A section of the left testis shows a well circumscribed but unencapsulated nodule just outside the tunica albuginea composed of medium-sized oval to polygonal cells with abundant dense granular eosinophilic cytoplasm, round to oval nuclei, stippled chromatin and no mitoses. The cells are arranged in nests and cords. There are numerous congested capillaries within the nodule (some containing fibrin) and several compressed ducts around the periphery. The testis is atrophic with markedly decreased spermatogenesis, multifocal tubular and peritubular fibrosis, moderate interstitial edema, and very few interstitial Leydig cells. The right testis contains no lesions. An immunostain for vimentin was lightly and diffusely positive.

Final Diagnosis


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