Gross Description -- Hip Pain


The specimen is received in a fresh and sterile condition labeled "femoral head". The specimen consists of a femoral head weighing 120 grams and measuring 7.0 cm. in length and up to 5.0 cm. in diameter. A segment of femoral neck is also present and measures up to 3.5 cm. in greatest diameter. Examination of the external surface and articular surface of the specimen shows tan-white bony and cartilaginous tissue, with no obvious gross abnormality. The distal segment of the specimen is irregular. Examination of the distal segment of the specimen shows areas of soft and bony tissue. The specimen is cut into seven parallel sections. Examination of the cut surface of the specimen show areas of soft brown-red, hemorrhagic and bony tissue. Segments of the specimen are submitted to for tissue culture and research. Serially sectioned parallel sections labeled 1, 3, 5, and 7 are quick frozen(-70c) for future analysis. Sections labeled 4 and 6 are divided into several segments and submitted for routine histology following decalcification. Section labeled 2 is fixed in formalin. Faxatron x-ray of the specimen is taken before and after cut sections. Digital images of the gross specimen as well as the faxatron are taken.




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