Gross Description -- A Large Right Lung Mass


There was severe adhesion of the right lung to the chest wall and diaphram. The entire right lung was encased by a yellow-tan tumor with lobulated appearance. Sectioning the right lung revealed a 16 x 11 x 9 cm, yellow-tan necrotic tumor mass located in the middle and lower lobes. Within the tumor, there was a 9 x 8.5 x 8 cm cavity with thick fibrous wall close to the hilum, with necrosis and hemorrhage inside (Figure 3). There was a tendency of tumor growing along the pulmonary fissures (Figure 4). The mediastinum and left lung were free of tumor.

The heart weighed 700 grams and showed concentric hypertrophy with a wall thickness of 1.5 cm for the left ventricle and 0.6 cm for the right ventricle.




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