Charles A. Richert, MD
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Charles is a fifth year resident in the Department of Pathology. His primary areas of interest are molecular diagnostics, transplant pathology, pathology informatics, and international and wilderness medicine. He has worked at hospitals in and near Kathmandu, Nepal to assist staff in developing laboratory and medical informatics services.

Office Location:

Dept of Pathology
UPMC; PUH Room C-900
200 Lothrop St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Contact Information:

Office Telephone: (412) 647-9509

Education and Training:

1993-present: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,
Pittsburgh, PA. AP/CP pathology residency training

1992-1993: The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, PA. Transitional Internship

1988-1992: Loma Linda University School of Medicine,
Loma Linda, CA. M.D. received

1983-1987: Southern College, Chattanooga, TN.
B.S. with Honors in Computer Science

Clinical Interests:

Pathology Informatics
Transplant Pathology
Molecular Diagnostics
International Medicine

Publications, Lectures, Seminars, etc.:

Richert CA, Lee RG, Hatton CS, Becich MJ, Demetris AJ. Transplant Pathology Internet Services: a virtual laboratory for the collaboration and education of pathologists worldwide." Abstract for poster presentation at ASCP/CAP Spring 1997 Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Richert CA, Flynn KJ. Malignant melanoma simulating a seborrheic keratosis: a case report. Dermatology Online Journal 1997;3(1):5.

Richert CA, Web-based Resources for Enhancing Patient Education. Presented at The Information Connection: emerging technologies linking patient and provider, Feb. 7, 1997, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.

Demetris AJ, Murase N, Ye Q, Galvao FHF, Richert C, Saad R, Pham S, Duquesnoy R, Zeevi A, Fung JJ, Starzl TE. Analysis of chronic rejection and obliterative arteriopathy: possible contributions of donor antigen presenting cells lymphatic disruption. Amer J of Path 1997;150(2):563-578.

Richert CA, Diven W, Bakker A, Swalsky PA, Lee RE, Finkelstein SD. "Diagnosis of Gaucher Disease by DNA Genotyping of Archival Fixative Treated Tissue Specimens." Abstract for platform presentation at IAP/USCAP 1995 Meeting in Toronto, Canada.

Schubert E, Nine J, Richert CA, Gross B, Paone S, Falk D, Deckenbaugh L, DiGiorgio C, He F, Becich MJ. "The anatomic pathology workstation: combining diagnostic support with image database technology, image analysis, teaching and productivity tools." Abstract for presentation at ASCP/CAP Spring 1995 Meeting in Orlando, FL.

DiGiorgio C, Richert CA, Klatt E, Becich MJ. "E-Mail, the Internet, and Information Access Technology in Pathology." Sem Diag Path. 1994;11(4):294-304.

Richert CA, Peterman TA, Zaidi AA, Ransom RL, Wroten JE, Witte JJ. "A Method for Identifying Persons at High Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections: Opportunity for Targeting Intervention." Am J Public Health. 1993:83:520-524.

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