The Histotechnology School of UPMC - Tuition

The tuition for the academic year is $5,500, subject to change, with an additional fee for textbooks and personal background checks. Students are responsible for providing their own financial support, lab coats, meals, living quarters, and health insurance.

The Histotechnology School of UPMC is eligible for employee tuition assistance and sponsorships are sometimes offered. Contact the program director at 412-641-4664 with any questions.

Refund Policy Prior to Classes Beginning

Applicants may cancel their enrollment in person or in writing one month prior to the commencement of classes. If an applicant cancels his/her enrollment, the tuition portion minus the deposit money will be refunded. It is the responsibility of the prospective student to refund or resell the textbooks. If the School terminates the program prior to the first day of classes, all monies paid by the applicant will be refunded within 30 days after cancellation or termination of the program.

Refund Policy After Classes Begin

If a student enters training and subsequently withdraws or discontinues four weeks or more after the program has begun, there will be no refund. A prorated tuition will be refunded minus a processing fee if the student withdraws or discontinues prior to the fourth week.

Cancellation Policy

The School reserves the right to dismiss students if they fail to do satisfactory work, if they fail to comply with established rules and regulations, or if they fail to meet financial obligations. There will be no refund. The school reserves the right to terminate the program provided that the students will be able to complete the program or be accommodated by a transfer.