The Histotechnology School of UPMC - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept students on a rolling basis?

Applications are accepted year round. However, interviews for the July start date are scheduled in the beginning of March, interviews for the October start date are scheduled for August, and interviews for the February start date are scheduled for December. Candidates are accepted once the interview process is complete. It is recommended that applications are submitted as early as possible to ensure an interview spot before all interview spots are filled.

What are additional expenses that may be incurred throughout the year?

Students are responsible for all living expenses. This may include, but is not limited to, housing, parking, food, and utilities. The Program Director can provide material related to finding an apartment and securing parking upon acceptance to the program.

What if I cannot afford to pay the tuition all at once?

Payment plans may be arranged through the Program Director. This will need to be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of the program.