The Histotechnology School of UPMC - Course List

Course Name Credits
HT001: Lab Safety 1
HT002: Lab Math/Solution Preparation 1
HT003: Medical Terminology 1
HT004: Receipt, Accessioning of Specimens; LIS 1
HT005: Special Collection Requirements/ Gross Examination 1
HT006: Instrumentation 1
HT007: Fixation 2
HT008: Decalcification 1
HT009: Tissue Processing and Related Artifacts 2
HT010: Embedding; Specimen Orientation 2
HT011: Microtomy and Related Artifacts 2
HT012: Routine H&E 2
HT013: Coverslipping 1
HT014: Special Staining 2
HT015: Frozen Sectioning 2
HT016: Enzyme Staining 2
HT017: Immunohistochemistry 2
HT018: Direct Immunofluorescence, In Situ Hybridization,
Electron Microscopy, Flow Cytometry: General Discussion
HT019: Cytology Preparation 1
HT020: Microanatomy 2
HT021: Professional Conduct 1
HT022: Microscopy
HT023: History of Pathology

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