Pediatric Pathology Clinical Fellowship Program

Pediatric Pathology Environment

All areas of the Department are accessible to trainees 24 hours a day. For educational purposes the trainees are provide with desks, storage space, new Olympus microscopes and personal computers in a residents' room that holds 4 people.

A large "sign-out" room has a 10 headed microscope for instruction, particularly at the morning conference and a 4 headed microscope. Personal computers with on-line Medline and Web access are present in this room, together with video and projection facilities for preparing conferences. The Departmental library is housed in this room, as are the study sets.

Each staff person has a double-headed Olympus microscope for sign-out with the trainees. A fluorescent microscope and photomicroscope are in an adjacent room for the use of trainees.

A working "conference" room houses much of the Heart Museum and has a dissecting microscope, and video and photographic equipment for specimen documentation.

Photocopiers, printers and scanners are present in the Department for trainees' use. Secretarial help with manuscript preparation is offered. A Medical Media Department of the Hospital provides same day development facilities, and graphic and poster production services.

Access to the Histology Laboratory, Immunohistology, in-situ hybridization and electron microscopy is available for in-house projects. Major projects and animal work can be done through the shared resource laboratory of the Department of Pathology, School of Medicine.