OB/GYN Pathology Fellowship Program

Fellow Responsibilities

Work Schedule Expectations

Time Allocation
Trainees spend about 70% of their time on clinical service - a feature which provides maximum diagnostic training that fully prepares trainee for independent sign-out after completing the program. About 20% is assigned to research and teaching and 10% to meetings and vacation.

Routine Work Week
The routine work day is 8:00am through 5:00pm although it is necessary to be at work earlier or to remain later as frozen section, sign-out service or teaching requires. Faculty may also request that you come earlier or stay later especially on those days on which more than one conference is scheduled.

Gross Dictation
Trainees are provided gross dictation opportunities primarily on major cases. Pathologists Assistants assist in this regard so that trainees are not unduly burdened with gross activities in which the gross findings are not critical to descriptions, sampling, or margins etc. On average trainees gross about 12 hours per week on the bench when on the 'bigs' bench - a rotation of about 20 weeks over the year of training.

Sign-out Of Cases
Due to HCFA regulations all cases are reviewed by a pathologist with the trainee. Sign-out begins daily at 8:00am. Cases are completed in time for the trainee to gross major cases in the afternoon. Trainees are expected to review all microscopic material prior to signout with the pathologist.

Night Call
Trainees are assigned night call several nights during each month from 5:00pm to 8:00am the next day to be available on your pager or by phone. Apart from late operating completion times - sometimes up to 9:00pm - it is very infrequent that trainees are called in for frozen section.

Weekends and Holidays
Each trainee is assigned one holiday each year which may be part of a weekend coverage if the holiday falls on a Friday or Monday, to be availableby pager or by telephone from 5:00pm the night before the holiday to 8:00am the morning after the holiday. The trainee on call for the weekend is responsible for specimen grossing of major cases from 8:30am until complete.

Weekend and holiday autopsies are scheduled as per the decision of the pathologist on call - usually held over until next regular working day. A switch in weekend or holiday call is possible but it is trainees responsibility to arrange alternate trainee coverage.

Scheduled Time Off (Vacations, meetings)
Vacations and meetings are scheduled as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Three weeks of vacation (15 working days) are permitted. Out of town meeting attendance is variable as approved by Chief of Pathology - but up to two weeks is possible. Monies are available for trainees who have a poster or paper accepted at a scientific meeting. All requests for vacation and meetings are made in writing to Chief of Pathology.

Research Time
When not on a specific service schedule all trainees are expected to be engaged in 'catching up' on service work, preparing for teaching and in particular pursuing a research project. Projects will be reviewed as part of quarterly review meetings with the Chief of Pathology. Each fellow is expected to submit an abstract to the Department Research Day in April each year. Each MWH fellow is to prepare a written research proposal by August 15 for review by Chief of Pathology. Presentations of these to the department will be scheduled.

Secretarial Support
Each trainee is assigned secretarial support from a pool of secretaries. They serve to provide transcription services for trainees for research and teaching activities and handle phone calls.

Library Services
MWH has full library services with a full range of publications related to women's health with services to get materials nationally. In addition the department has a pathology library fro reference on cases and teaching assignments.

Computer Services
Shared computers are available to trainees through the university program for email and internet access.