Wells' Lab - Weixing Zhou

711 Scaife
Department of Pathology
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261



Institution Degree Conferred Field of study

Zhongshan University

BS 1997 Biochemistry
Zhongshan University MS 2000 Biochemistry
University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. anticipated  2004 Biomedical Science


1. LH Qu, A Henbas, YJ Lu, H Zhou, WX Zhou, YQ Zhu, J Zhao, Y Henry, M C Ferrer and J P Bachellerie: Seven novel methylation-guide snoRNAs are processed from a common polycistronic transcript by Rat1p and RNase III in yeast. Mol. Cell. Biol.1999 Feb 19(2): 1144-1158

2. YJ Lu, H Zhou, WX Zhou, YQ Zhu and LH Qu: A Novel snoRNA Gene Cluster in Yeast is Transcriped as Polycistronic Pre-snoRNAs. Science in China (Series C)1999 Oct 42(5): 529-537

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4. H Zhou, LH Qu, YP Du and WX Zhou: The identification of a novel methylated nucleoside in Schizosaccharomyces pombe U6 snRNA. Chinese Science Bulletin 2000 Vol. 45 No.4, 402-407