Wells' Lab - Philip Hyungjin Chang

VH P-100
1530 3rd Avenue S
Birmingham, AL 35294-0019
Telephone: (205) 934-2330



Institution Degree Conferred Field of study
Harvard College, Cambridge, MA B.A. 1994  Biochemistry
University of Alabama at Birmingham M.D./Ph.D.   Pathology

Academic Honors and Awards

1994 - NIH Medical Scientist Training Program
1994 - Harvard Foundation Award
1992 - John Harvard College
1990 - White House Presidential Scholar
1990 - Harvard National Scholar
1990 - USA Today All Academic Team, Honorable Mention


1. H Xie, MA Pallero, K Gupta, MF Ware, P Chang, W Witke, DJ Kwiatkowski, DA Lauffenburger, J Murphy-Ullrich, A Wells (1998). EGF receptor regulation of cell-substratum interactions: EGF-induced disassembly of focal adhesions does not require the motility-associated PLCg signaling pathway. Journal of Cell Science 111, 616-625.

2. A Glading, P Chang, DA Lauffenburger, A Wells (2000).  EGF receptor activation of calpain is required for fibroblast motility and occurs via an ERK/MAP kinase signaling pathway. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275, 2390-2398.

Laboratory Experience

September 1997-present, Dr. Alan Wells, Department of Pathology, UAB
    Project: EGFR-mediated changes in cell/substratum adhesiveness 

Summer rotation 1996, Dr. Herbert Cheung, Dept. of Biophysics/Biochemistry, UAB 
    Project: Cloning and expression of cardiac Troponin C subunit 

Undergraduate thesis project 1992-1994, Dr. Bruce Demple, Dept. of Toxicology, Harvard School of Public Health 
    Project: Cloning and expression of human AP endonuclease 

Summer rotation 1988 and 1989, Dr. Robert Shipp, Department of Marine Biology, University of South Alabama 
    Project: Effects of drilling effluents on the plankton populations of Mobile Bay 

Miscellaneous Experiences

1997 to present: Trustee-at-Large, American Medical Student Association 
1996 to 1997: Region VII Trustee, American Medical Student Association 
1995 to present: Alumni interviewer for undergraduate admissions, Harvard University 
1995 to 1996: Chapter Treasurer, American Medical Student Association, UAB Chapter 
1994 to 1997: Aerobics Instructor, Intramurals, UAB 
1994 to 1996: AIDS Education Counselor, AIDS Education Project, UAB 
1993 to 1994: Award Peer Tutor, Bureau of Study Council, Harvard University 
1992 to 1994: Cheerleader, Harvard University 
1992 to 1993: Stage Manager, Harvard Glee Club, Harvard University 
1990 to 1992: Musical Director, Harvard/Radcliffe Noteables, Harvard University