Wells' Lab - Jeffery Chou

Scaife 709
Department of Pathology
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Pager# 412-669-8296



Institution Degree Conferred Field of study
University of California BA 1996 Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Alabama at Birmingham MD/Ph.D Transferred Pathology
University of Pittsburgh MD/Ph.D   Pathology


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  2. Odom-Maryon TL, Williams LE, Chai A, Lopatin G, Liu A, Wong JYC, Chou J, Clarke KG, Raubitschek AA. Parmacokinetic modeling and absorbed dose estimation for chimeric anti-CEA antibody in humans. Journal of Nuclear Medicine; 38:1959-1966 (1997).
  3. Clarke KG, Odom-Maryon TL, Williams LE, Liu A, Lopatin G, Chou J, Farino GM, Raubitschek AA, Wong JYC. Intrapatient consistency of imaging biodistributions and their application to predicting therapeutic doses in a phase I clinical study of 90Y-based radioimmunotherapy. Medical Physics; 25:799-809 (1999).