Molecular & Genomic Pathology - Training Opportunities

The Division of Molecular & Genomic Pathology offers a variety of educational opportunities to pathology residents and fellows as well as graduate and medical students to learn about the current practice of Personalized Medicine. Trainees are taught the principles of modern clinical molecular pathology as they relate to the identification and interpretation of molecular alterations underlying neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases. Participation in research projects in a variety of molecular diagnostic areas including next-generation sequencing is offered. For additional information on training rotations, electives or courses in molecular pathology and Personalized Medicine offered by the MGP Division and its faculty, please see:

Trainees in Molecular & Genomic Pathology are introduced to the principles of clinical molecular testing using patient samples such as tissue and blood. They learn about the wide variety of techniques used in the molecular pathology laboratory like next-generation sequencing and quantitative PCR and begin to appreciate the complexities underlying the management of a modern clinical molecular facility by developing familiarity with basic administrative, technical, safety and quality control issues pertinent to lab operation.

Clinical trainees are instructed how to properly interpret molecular test data and how to secure and evaluate supporting evidence from the literature and ancillary databases such as PolyPhen2 to establish an individualized molecular diagnosis for each patient. They are taught to construct meaningful clinical molecular reports and are encouraged to discuss molecular test results with clinical end-users when appropriate.

Trainees also have an opportunity to participate in research aimed to develop and validate new molecular diagnostic assays in the area of oncology or genetics, to answer timely clinical questions in molecular pathology, or to address workflow or informatics needs of the growing division, among many others.

Educational Opportunities

Faculty in the Division of Molecular & Genomic Pathology are actively involved in teaching courses aimed at educating pathology residents, fellows, medical students and graduate students about molecular testing in the era of Personalized Medicine.

For Residents

Genomics, Research and Informatics in Pathology - 2 (GRIP-2)
Directed by Peter Lucas, MD

The objective of this week-long course is to introduce 2nd year pathology residents to the growing importance of molecular testing in the diagnosis, treatment and everyday management of patients by covering the principles behind the newest clinical molecular testing modalities and complexities underlying clinical interpretation and management of "big data."

For Medical Students

Mini-elective: Personalized Medicine: The Impact of Molecular Testing on Patient Care
Directed by Simion Chiosea, MD, and Marina Nikiforova, MD

This course is designed to introduce MS1/2 students to the principles and current applications of personalized medicine to patient care that they are likely to encounter during their clinical years and beyond.

For Graduate Students

Basics of Personalized Medicine - MSCMP 3790
Directed by Marie DeFrances, MD, PhD, and Wendy Mars, PhD

The fundamental goal of this course is to introduce the graduate student to the underlying priniciples of clinical test development and data management in the era of Personalized Medicine. Topics such as genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, and microbiomics, along with many others, are discussed.