Anisa I. Kanbour School of Cytotechnology -

Students who graduate from the program are eligible to take the national certification examination of the Board of Certification given by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

First Time BOC Pass Rate, 2016-2018

  Anisa I. Kanbour
School of Cytotechnology
National Statistics
Number of Examinees 22 331
Number Passing 21 (95.5%) 283 (85.5%)


Employment as a cytotechnologist can be found in most parts of the country. Salaries are competitive with other allied health professions. With increased experience and/or education, job opportunities exist in teaching, supervision, and research. There are many opportunities for cytotechnologists to contribute to patient care and the growing use of cytology as a cancer detection tool.

Students are provided with ample guidance in the location of and application to job openings.