Case Index by Patient History - 2009

Case Index by Patient History - Complete Listing

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638Recurrent pneumonia and pain crises in a young female patient (CP-0110)
637Neuromyelitis optica of the spinal cord clinically mimicking a neoplasm (COM-BP)
636A 45-year old male with left-sided hemihypesthesia (COM-BP)
635A 61-year-old female with a history of hirsutism (AP-1209, Purged)
634A 7-year-old boy with polyuria, polydipsia, and enuresis (CP-1209)
633A 41-year-old woman with von Hippel-Lindau and a cerebellar lesion (COM-BP)
632A 76-year-old woman with paraplegia (COM-BP)
631Incidental testicular tumor on a 7 month-old baby boy with congenital nephrotic syndrome (AP-1109)
630A fifty-year-old male with muscle weakness and hypokalemia (CP-1109)
629A 25-year-old Woman with a mass in the hippocampus (COM-BP)
628A 61-year-old woman with osteomalacia and a thoracic spine lesion (COM-BP)
627An eight-year-old boy with staring episodes (CP-1009)
626A 79 year-old female with a cauda equina tumor (AP-1009)
625A 61-year-old man with instability of gait and right hand clumsiness (COM-BP)
624A 6-year-old girl with an extra-axial mass in the middle cranial fossa (COM-BP)
623A 33 year old, pregnant female with neutrophilia (AP-0909)
622A 35-year-old male with rectal bleeding (AP-0909)
621A 21 year-old male with severe headaches (CP-0809)
620A 35 year-old HIV positive woman with basal forebrain mass (COM-BP)
619A 7-year-old boy with confusion and incoherent speech (COM-BP)
618A 59-year old female with supraselllar mass (COM-BP)
617Dystrophinopathy with a duplication noted in exon 5-11 of the dystrophin gene (COM-BP)
616A 23 year old male with portal hypertension in the stomach and an erythematous proximal jejunum (AP-0809)
615A 94 year-old man with a bladder mass (AP-0709)
614A 61 year-old female with abdominal pain and leukocytosis (CP-0709, , Purged)
613 A 38-year-old female with recurrent miscarriages (CP-0609)
612A 58 year old woman with a corpus callosum nodule at autopsy (COM-BP)
611A 47-year old male with a cerebellopontine angle tumor (COM-BP)
610 A 36-year-old female with microalbuminuria (AP-0609)
609A 22 year old man with impared sensibility over the perineum and left foot (COM-BP)
608A 76 year old man with cognitive and neurological symptoms (COM-BP)
607A 22-year-old girl with status epilepticus and progressive neurological symptoms (COM-BP)
606 A 6 year old girl with hydrocephalus (COM-BP)
605A 76 year-old woman with a left thigh mass (AP-0509)
604A 54 year-old female with fever and chills (CP-0509)
603A 13 year-old girl with short stature (CP-0409)
602A 62 year-old man with an unexplained 60 lb weight loss (AP-0409)
601A 19-year-old male with febrile illness, respiratory failure, and hepatosplenomegaly (CP-0309)
600A 69-year-old man with left hemispheric necrotising mass lesion (COM-BP)
599A female patient with a right leg paresis (COM-BP)
598An 87-year-old male with a pathologic hip fracture (AP-0309)
597A 64-year-old man with multiple cerebral lesions (COM-BP)
596An one year old boy with an interhemispheric frontal mass (COM-BP)
595A 31- year- old man with Balintís syndrome and visual problems (COM-BP)
594A 5-year-old boy with one month history of intracranial hypertension (COM-BP)
593A 57 year old male with hepatitis C infection, lymphoma and renal disease (CP-0209)
592A female fetus with bilateral multicystic kidneys (AP-0209)
591 A 25 year-old male with high fever (CP-0109)
590 A 42-year-old man with weakness, fatigue and edema of the face and extremities (AP-0109)